A Year in Review: The 20 Best of 2015!

2015 was a crazy year. I photographed 16 amazing couples of my own, helped out on 9 weddings for some other awesome wedding photographers in the area (you’ll see those photos soon!), and shot 10 engagement/couple sessions. We also launched a huge rebranding, and I opened my home studio!

It’s hard for me to believe that all of this happened in a year but I couldn’t of done it without the trust and support from my fantastic clients and friends. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your lives!!

And now onto the photos. I really tried to pick images that weren’t already in my portfolio that I wanted to talk about. Weddings are such a special day filled with so many moments that you can’t talk about all of them so this is my chance to share some of my lesser known favorites. Enjoy!

A snowy winter engagement session at Lakewood Park and the Rocky River Reservation Metroparks with Sarah & Alin.

We had the snowiest day for Sarah & Alin’s engagement session. I could barely see out of my viewfinder while shooting but it made for the most gorgeous photos. These two were such troopers and I love when my couples are a little adventurous!

A spring wedding at Squire's Castle with Jess & Devin.

Jess & Devin… I could say so much about this couple but I think this picture really sums it up. You can just feel the joy coming off of them as the ceremony comes to a close and they were officially married!

A spring Thorncreek Winery wedding with Brendan & Nicole.

Before Nicole’s wedding day she told me she was pregnant so to me, this is more than your typical getting ready photo. It’s all of the women in her life and the life of her yet to be born baby. I love creating these images that will be so important to the generations to come.

A spring engagement session in Cleveland with Rob & Denise.

One of my all time favorite parts of my job is capturing how you feel. I think it’s so much more important than capturing how you look. You see yourself every day but you rarely see how beautiful you look and how your face just lights up when you look at your one and only. It was even more special to me to photograph this because these are two of my favorite people ever.

A summer wedding at the Spruce Point Inn in Coastal Maine with Yasmeen & Mike.

Yasmeen & Mike‘s wedding was gorgeous on all levels and full of moments. But I always find myself coming back to this image. The overcast sky created the most perfect light and paired with the anticipation before the first look gets you this. I loved photographing this couple because their time together was so quietly beautiful and this photo compliments that.

A summer wedding at the Great Room at Historic Savage Mill with Beth & Chris.

Getting ready is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day because moments like this happen. So much of a wedding is waiting and anticipation; getting ready is when it all comes together and you know that today you get to marry your best friend or in this case, you get to see your sister marry the love of her life.

A Philadelphia engagement session with Heather & Julia.

It was so special for me to photograph my sister’s engagement session. Heather & Julia did not want a traditional engagement session so we took a “Day in the Life” approach. I did a lot of Day in the Lifes in college so this was fun for me. The reason I chose this image to feature is because food is a huge passion for both of them and I love how intimate this photo feels. Part of my job isn’t just to capture you looking happy-it’s these tiny little moments that represent a relationship.

A summer wedding at St. Mary's in Massillon and St. George's Cultural Center with Jess & Joel.

My favorite part of a ceremony hands down is this. When you forget everybody in the room and just focus on each other. It happens at every wedding without fail.

A backyard country wedding in Mt. Vernon with Laura & Fletcher.

Should we share some corn on the cob instead of kiss during the glass clinking? Obviously.

A Club at Key Center Wedding with Sarah & Alin.

Grandmas getting down on the dance floor are probably my favorite.

A Garrettsville Backyard Wedding with Jenna & Robert.

Outdoor ceremonies usually mean interesting lighting situations. I love playing with light and creating cool photos like this instead of something that is perfectly exposed. Also please note the poor bridesmaid holding ALL of the bouquets.

A Stan Hywet Wedding with Abby & Dan.

Are you guys sick of these two yet? Because I’m not. This story is a good one. After the recessional Abby & Dan weren’t sure where to go so they went to this little alcove and waited for the rest of the recessional to finish while they celebrated being married (See the rest of the photos in the blog post). Luckily they were in a spot where I could shoot them AND the recessional. 🙂

A Springlake Party Center wedding with Chelcie & Ryan.

Ryan’s face here is so perfect. It screams unconditional love… Even though my bride just smashed cake on my face I don’t care because I married my best friend today.

A Fuller House wedding with Missy & Kalman.

Sister hugs! Every sister deserves a photo like this one.

A Geneva Engagement Session with Rachel & Caleb.

Something I love about engagement sessions and portrait time on a wedding day is capturing moments within a beautiful setting. Moments can happen anywhere- in the worst light, with a bad background, etc. But portraits are a time when moments can look gorgeous on every level.

A fall wedding at the Excelsior Room and Secrest Arboretum in Wooster with Rachel & Matt.

This is what first look dreams are made of.

A Hocking Hills wedding with Taylor & Steven.

Hocking Hills is the perfect place for an autumn wedding. Taylor & Steven had a super intimate wedding with their immediate family. It was such a relaxing day, focusing solely on their love for one another and the love their family has for them. It was beautiful to document and watch.

A fall engagement session in Cleveland with Katie & Sean.

Katie & Sean started off the session feeling a little awkward with a camera in their face, completely understandable. This is why I recommend doing an engagement session. I think they definitely forgot about me because we were able to make magic like this.

A fall engagement session in Cleveland with Mary & Maura.

I love the movement in this image, it feels so genuine to me and it totally was. I told Mary & Maura to get a little closer and then Maura joyfully wrapped her arms around Mary. 🙂

A Cleveland wedding with Megan & Mike.

My last wedding of the year! Megan & Mike gave me three hours for portraits (thank you!) We traveled all around The Flats and Ohio City. Since we had so much time I was able to try out some more creative photos like this one.