Why You Should Consider a First Look

If you aren’t familiar- a first look is when the couple sees each other before the ceremony. A First Look is a little controversial in the wedding world because most people feel that you should see each other when you are walking down the aisle, while that is one option, it isn’t the only one. When a couple decides to do a first look I get extremely excited. Here’s why you should consider a First Look.

Reason One: The Emotion!

First looks are filled with emotion. Smiles, laughs, tears, whatever you can dream of, can happen.


Reason Two: The Timeline

First Looks can also be a great tool for solving timeline issues. If you only have an hour between your ceremony and reception to cram all of your portraits into, that’s not a lot of time- it usually only leaves about 15-20 minutes (if we are lucky) for Couples portraits. When you choose to do a first look this can give you an hour for Couples portraits alone. Bridal Party photos are also done before the ceremony, and family formals can be done beforehand as well. This means you can actually enjoy your cocktail hour and RELAX! Once the ceremony is over, all of the hard parts are finished and the only thing left for you to do is party!! This also gives me time to capture the beautiful details that you guys took the time to create to make your day special.

first-lookfirst-lookA summer wedding in Cleveland with Jessica and Anthony.

Reason Three: Calming Nerves

If you are nervous for your photos, or nervous about the ceremony, or just plain old nervous, a first look is a great way to warm-up for the day. It’s a low pressure situation, so you have no need to worry about anything. You can just be with your partner and enjoy each other’s company. One thing I love about portraits in general is that’s basically the only time for you two to be alone together on your wedding day. It sounds weird but it’s true. So soak in that moment!!

first-lookA summer wedding at the Elyria Country Club with Alyshia and Caleb.first-look

It’s not a matter of if you’ll see each other on your wedding day, it’s about when. The emotions will still be high, you two will still be married at the end of the day. The choice is yours!