We Got a Whole New Look!

When I first started Maria Sharp Photography I was fresh out of college. I was using my old branding designed by a fellow student. Since then I’ve really come into my own and learned who I am as a person and who I want to be as a photographer. This new me didn’t really fit with the old branding so I thought it was time for a new identity. One thing that I did love about my old brand, that I had no plans on changing, was my movie theme. This was actually relatively new and it fit so well with my interests that I just wanted to give that part a makeover. The movie theme was also the framework for my new brand.

Over the past 3 or so years movies have become more than just entertainment for me. I study them, I analyze the colors, the moods created, think about why certain choices were made, and mostly importantly how the film makes me feel. I think movies and love go hand and hand. Of course the connection of romantic comedies and old romance tales, but no matter what the subject matter is, whether it’s an action flick or dramedy – love is always a theme. This speaks to our human nature, in wanting to experience and understand love better. That’s all I’m trying to do with my photography – I’m trying to understand your love story so that I can illustrate that for you to treasure forever. I invest in my couples, I try to get to know very well, understand what makes them tick, and how they show their love. I notice the little things, the way he looks at you when you aren’t paying attention, how you two hold hands, what makes your love special- that’s what I want to highlight.

My clients are my real life movies, just like I’m inspired by movies and movies make me feel a certain way, the same thing happens with my couples. I’m inspired by them, I cry during the toasts and the first dance. I believe in your love.

I decided to hire Amy Slentz, one of my classmates from RIT to design my rebrand. I loved her graphics and bold uses of color. These were things I knew I wanted to incorporate into my new look. We brainstormed for quite awhile and finally settled on a hand drawn look with a color scheme from one of my favorite movies, Away We Go. [Please go watch this movie immediately.]


I wanted something unapologetic, fearless, and raw. I think this new look says just that. I’m here to capture you as you are. I’m still the same Maria just with a new look.


Moo knows me well. ^^


I also had some fun with cross stitching my new branding. 🙂


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