St. Louis Engagement Session with Sarah & Eric

Recently, I’ve had the honor of documenting engagement sessions of my closest family and friends. Enter Sarah. We met in first grade, became best friends in fifth and we were inseparable through high school. It has been a joy to watch Sarah grow into the brilliant woman she is today. Enter Eric. About two years ago Eric & Sarah met online. Sarah was going to grad school in St. Louis and Eric moved there for work after getting out of the military. I slowly learned about more about Eric when Sarah would come back home for holidays. I didn’t get a chance to meet Eric until Rachel‘s wedding last October. (My second shooter even documented the official meeting haha!) While working, I also had my best friend hat on and I was watching how Eric was interacting with Sarah. During the reception they shared a slow dance. Eric had the sweetest smile on his face. I could tell right then and there that he was the guy for her. I told her later that night that I approved. 🙂

Fast forward sixth months, Sarah was coming home for her spring break. I get a phone call on the night she was flying in, thinking she needed a ride home from the airport or something, I pick up and she tells me, she’s engaged! I still think we are 17 years old sometimes so when I heard she was engaged it was a little hard to believe but I was so excited! It was perfect that he proposed at her house – her favorite place, with her parents – her favorite people and dog nearby. He started the drive up to Ohio after Sarah went to the airport and barely beat her home to surprise her. While she was out celebrating I started planning the wedding, she had a complete list of vendors and planning binder from the Knot within the weekend. (I was very excited!)

In September I finally made it out to St. Louis to visit Sarah, get to know Eric more, and see their new house! I photographed their engagement session in some super gorgeous locations in St. Louis. We started at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and then Tower Grove Park. Now go enjoy the photos!st-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-sessionst-louis-engagaement-session