Roses Run Country Club Wedding near Akron with Kelsey & Carl

Back in 2014 when I first started my business I got into weddings because of the weddings. The details, setting, people in love, pretty flowers, everything that makes up a wedding. Somewhere over the last four years I started to get a little burned out with the same colors, similar structure of the day, etc. It wasn’t until I was hosting a premiere for one of my couples that I realized the wedding is not about the wedding at all (at least not for me), the most important thing, rather, are the people. I work with the kindest couples, friendly families, helpful and silly bridal parties. I show up because I care about you and your partner. I want you to succeed, and I believe in your love. I hope I can play a small part in helping you love deeper, and appreciate it each other even more than you already do.

At Kelsey & Carl’s wedding I had one of those moments, a – my job is great because of these people – moment. Sure the details are pretty and important because it’s your wedding day and 10, 20, 50 years from now your grandkids will laugh at your hairstyles. But look at the people, the moments. When Kelsey teared up because Carl wrote her a journal over the months leading up to their wedding, when Kelsey’s sisters both cried during their toasts because they love their sister so much, when Carl’s mom smiled so big during the mother/son dance, the look of peace in Kelsey & Carl’s eyes during the portraits. I could go on and on.

Kelsey & Carl- thank you for letting me play a small part in your life and sharing your day with me. Keep inspiring others with your Roses Run Country Club

Entertainment: A Bride’s DJ

Florist: Oregon Corners Florist

Hair and Makeup: Salon Hudson

Wedding Dress: Wendy’s Bridal

Groom’s Attire: Macy’s

Honeymoon: Playa Mujeres, Mexico!