Don’t Let That Weather Get You Down

Most people dream of a partially cloudy, 70 degree day for their wedding. Some would prefer 90 degrees and a beach, others want a winter wonderland. Whatever you desire, nine times out of ten it isn’t rain. I’ll be the first to admit I hate rain, and I will be praying with you for a clear day. However, if these are the cards we are dealt, it’s best to embrace the situation.

A couple years ago, I was guest at my friends wedding. It was in Aspen, Colorado- a beautiful location to begin with but the weather wasn’t looking great. Since it was a smaller wedding, they postponed the ceremony for about twenty minutes to see if the rain was going to hold off. It lightened up a bit so they decided to chance it. About seven minutes into the ceremony it started to rain a little harder and the sun peaked out behind the mountains. Everyone huddled under umbrellas and the extremely talented photographers made sure to capture the entire story- the ceremony, the guests, and well, the weather. Like most brides, the last thing Autumn wanted on her wedding day was rain, but they embraced it and came away with some incredible photos that they would not have gotten if it did not rain.

Yes, this is a bit of an extreme circumstance and we don’t have mountains in Ohio but rain and other weather conditions can make the standard wedding photos a little more exciting and different. You might cuddle up a little closer because you’re cold or laugh because of how ridiculous it might be to hang out in the pouring rain. In fact, in 2016, it rained during all outdoor wedding and it became one of my favorites that year. Thanks to my eight clear umbrellas that I keep in my car at all times and the great attitudes from everyone we made some amazing images and had a ton of fun doing it. Jenny, the bride noticed her dress was getting a little dirty and she said she didn’t mind because it was another way to remember her wedding day.

Of course, things will go wrong on your wedding day. I expect it and prepare as much as possible for things to go wrong. As long as you take things in stride and make adjustments as needed you’ll still have the best day of your life, whether it rains or not.


  • Hire a photographer that carries eight clear umbrellas in their car at all times 😉
  • Discuss with your photographer the week of the wedding about potential rain backups. If it’s an unpredictable time of year, try to plan out a rain location sooner rather than later.
  • Prepare yourself mentally that it might rain
  • Remember that at the end of the day you still get to marry your person