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About Maria

I’m a big fan of Cleveland. I love tacos, movies with excellent character development, live music/emo night, and sampling all of Mason’s Creamery’s new flavors.

Dogs always make me smile and now I finally have one of my own! You might find me trying not to dance in a grocery store (and not succeeding). I travel often because my friends live all over the country in cool places.

When I studied photojournalism in college, I ate these Rochesterian delicacies called Garbage Plates and fell in love with Wegmans.

Currently watching: Grey’s Anatomy, Manifest, old reality tv

Currently listening to: Dua Lipa, Great Good Fine Ok, Ariana Grande, and whatever is trending on TikTok. 

I believe in tiny, quiet moments and big belly giggles. My favorite part of this experience is cheering you on and making some new buddies at the end of it. Let’s explore this wonderful city, share a laugh (and maybe some ice cream), and make something beautiful. 

My amazing couples are the reason I keep doing what I’m doing. Your love inspires me to create authentic and beautiful images, your kindness makes me a better friend and let’s be honest – I just like hanging out with you guys. Thank you for welcoming me into your lives and trusting me. I appreciate you always. #selfiewithmsp