What I’m Dancing To: Wedding Playlists!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! What I’m Dancing To brings you wedding playlists! Let me start off by saying that these playlists are for the non-traditional couple. I spent a lot of time picking out songs that are different, special, and unique. I believe that you should have a connection to a song to give your wedding day a personal touch. I hope these playlists help to give you ideas for your wedding day.This week I’m focusing on the first half of the wedding day. I’m combining the Getting Ready playlist with the Ceremony playlists.
Getting Ready Playlist. With the Getting Ready playlist I wanted everything to be fun and upbeat to get everyone pumped for the day ahead. 🙂

Processional Playlist. The Processional playlist is filled with songs that would be great for walking down the aisle to your future mate. All of the songs are very non-traditional and I think it would give any wedding a special flare!

Ceremony Playlist. The Ceremony playlist contains slower songs that could be played throughout the ceremony. I think instrumental or the original versions would work well.

Recessional Playlist. The Recessional playlist is one of my favorites. All of the songs are overflowing with joy and why wouldn’t they?! You just married your best friend!

Tune in soon for the rest of the wedding playlists, including: Limo Music, Grand Entrance, First Dance,  Father-Daughter, and Mother-Son playlists!

Get dancing!