How to Get the Most Out of Your Preparation Photos

It’s always nice to start off the day on the right foot. Sometimes prep gets left behind in the planning process because it doesn’t seem like a necessary addition to your already full plate. But a little thought can go a long way.

I don’t know about you, but I get stressed out in a messy environment. If my apartment is unorganized for a week, I’m a more anxious person. As soon as I put things away I instantly start to feel a little better and refreshed. This same concept can apply to your getting ready location. I know with a million girls getting ready it can be hard to keep everyone organized and tidy, but it’s something to consider. Not only does it look cleaner in photos, but the environment will be less stressful. Maybe you guys have a free for all but try to clean up somewhat before I arrive or you get into your dress. Maybe you just clean up as you go! Whatever works for you, just be mindful of it ahead of time.

Another thing to keep in mind during prep is the location. Maybe you are getting ready in your home you built with your partner or your childhood home. Either option is great, I love incorporating details and spaces from your natural environment into your photos. If a hotel is the best option for you, first consider an Airbnb. Airbnbs often offer more space to get ready, maybe a dining room to eat lunch with everyone, and enough bathrooms for all the girls. If an Airbnb isn’t an option for your wedding, consider a hotel suite instead of a standard room. Suites usually have more windows and therefore natural light. In addition to more light, they have more space for everyone to get ready together.

The last thing I want to mention about preparation is hair and makeup. Hair and makeup can very often run longer than anticipated for one reason or another. I always count on this and plan accordingly. Ideally your hair and makeup should be at least 90% completed by the time I arrive. This gives you time to relax and eat, spend time with your people, and plenty of time to get into your dress.

I always try to arrive early to give everyone a head start for the wedding day. If all of the other details come together and are thought about a head of time it helps the day run smoothly. We aren’t running late because Suzie can’t find her purse in the disheveled room, no one is hangry because you budgeted time to eat some breakfast before hair and makeup. I understand there are so many details that you already have to consider but getting ready/prep is an easy task to delegate to a bridesmaid or mother of the bride.

Something I offer in each of my wedding collections is “Unlimited Locations & Planning”. The planning part of that means I’m always here to answer any of your questions. We will figure out the structure of your day and getting the most out of my time. I’m always happy to help with any of the aspects of a wedding day!