Intimate Ceremony at David Fortier Park near Cleveland with Nicole & Jose

While I could talk about how special this couple and this wedding were, I don’t think I can say it as beautifully as Nicole did in her questionnaire.

The wedding day August 31st is actually our 9 year dating anniversary and will now be our wedding anniversary. He saved me. I didn’t care about much, and was always putting myself in dangerous situations, I was so hurt and damaged then he came along…with his casual demeanor, gentle approach, and loud contagious laugh. He gently broke my walls down. He was wild and impulsive and always getting in trouble…I kept him grounded and out of trouble. He is my soulmate…Things have NOT been easy these 9 years. It has made us stronger. I am more in love with him then ever. We are a mature strong love, we are a strong family that saves each other, that’s what makes our wedding unique 🙂

Rarely do I have the opportunity to photograph a couple that have been together for that long as adults. High school sweethearts, sure. But this is a little different. They still looked at each other like it was the first time. It was so sweet to photograph. Having their son Devin there to witness everything was just beautiful.

N&J – Thanks for sharing your journey with me, it was an honor to be a part of. 

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Florist: Cottage of Flowers

Honeymoon: Hocking Hills!