Downtown Cleveland Summer Engagement Session with Liz & Greg

For sessions and weddings I want to create a safe place you for to be yourselves. My goal is capture your truest self, the ins and out of your relationship with your partner, and how you were feeling on that day.

Liz & Greg are incredibly goofy. I wanted to foster that, I’m not trying to put you in a box and be something you’re not. If you’re weird, I want to see it, if you’re quiet and sweet – give me that too. Whatever you are, I want to capture it.

I say it all the time that I have the best couples, and I truly mean it. Liz & Greg are no different from my pack of amazing couples; thank you for being yourselves and letting me be there to photograph it.  summer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-sessionsummer-engagement-session