My Favorite Part of Myself: An Ode to a Girl’s Best Friend


Sixteen years. That’s how long I’ve loved Chubby.

Sixteen years.

We got her from the pound when I was seven years old. Being the impatient seven year old that I was I would wake her up from her puppy naps so we could play. I just wanted someone to enjoy life with. I keep catching myself using human pronouns. Chubby isn’t just a dog. She’s my longest and best friend.

Since it was just me and my mom in the house, Chubby added something our family really needed. Chubby was my person. The person I ran home to to tell about my day. She taught me how to listen, how to love, and how to be a friend. Not only is Chubby important to me, but she touches everyone who is around her with her warm personality and acceptance. Of course when she was little she would bark at everything, but once she got to know you she accepted anyone’s lovin.

Whenever we had guests over, I would barely say hi before saying, “Do you want to see my dog?!” She was my favorite part of myself.

We started to see Chubby’s health decline over the last couple years. First came the cataracts. She began to lose her hearing and eventually lost the rest. She started losing traction in her paws so we had to put a rug by her water and food bowls. Then she had trouble sleeping.  She would stay up for most of the night, getting super anxious and walking around in circles, forgetting where she was going. It was heart breaking to watch. The vet told us she has cognitive disfunction (Alzheimer’s for dogs) and recommended a supplement to help turn her around. When that didn’t work we got her some anxiety pills to help her sleep at night. Not too long after that she stopped being able to climb up on her bed easily so we went through a cycle of several beds before finding the right one.

A week ago, she started vomiting and stopped eating all together. She got some medicine to help with the nausea but that didn’t seem to work. Between her anxiety and vomiting, she was up all night. I knew she wasn’t comfortable and her time was coming soon – way sooner than I had anticipated. Her blood work results came back fine so we decided to go with an x-ray. That’s when we found the gallstones. Surgery was the only sure fire way to fix it and we knew she was too weak for surgery. They could try and give us medicine but that was not guaranteed to help. By this point she was on her third day of no food. We made the decision to let her go on Monday. I’m writing this while she’s still alive because I know if I were to wait until after she was gone my brain would be mush and I wouldn’t be able to type through my tears.

Chubby has basically been around for all the important years in my life. She’s seen me graduate from high school, attend and graduate from college, and has met most of my friends. She could always detect a bad egg boyfriend. And if they didn’t like her then clearly they were crazy (foolproof). She was there for me when I moved home and none of my friends were around. She saw me start my own business and fulfill my dream as becoming a wedding photographer.

She has this way about her that I think most dogs have where they understand when their friend is hurting and come and hang out. Chubby rarely “hangs out” anymore but when she does it’s usually because I’m down about one thing or another. I couldn’t have picked a better dog to grow up with. She’s never let me down. I just wish she didn’t have to get old. (time to invent immortal dogs?)


This was the first day we got her, I was so excited to have something of my own I could take care of and love. I love my little smiles and quiet moments where I’m so in love with this dog.


“Maria has always had a love for dogs, constantly asking, “Can I have a dog? When are we going to get a dog? How come I don’t have a dog? I don’t have anyone to play with, I don’t have a brother or sister here and can I have a dog?” I finally gave in and said, “When we move and have a fenced in yard, we can go to the pound and get a dog. Well we moved, and again with the question, “When are we going to get a fence? I think we need a fence. You said we were going to get a fence. I don’t see a fence. This went on for a year after Maria promised to walk the dog, feed the dog, change the dog’s water, pick up the dog’s poop and bathe the dog.” -Mom


This is one of my favorite pictures. I still pick her up like a baby till this day. And she still hates it, but I love cuddling her even though she’s never been fond of my smothering.

cleveland-wedding-photographers-chubby-dog-6PINIMAGE cleveland-wedding-photographers-chubby-dog-8PINIMAGE

Only a few months later did her famous triangle ears start to grow in.


 “Maria decided on a name for the dog before we had one, Chubby. We looked for Chubby every weekend, every day off I or we had off together. Maria was very persistent about getting the most precious pal. Finally after some time, she found her Chubby, a 6 week old German Shepard, Collie, Hound dog mix who was actually chubby. Maria was very happy and showered her 4 legged sister with a mixture of hugs, kisses and cuddles. Wherever Chubby was, Maria was very close behind. On Chubby’s first day home, Maria bathed Chubby, gave her food and water, walked her and left Chubby’s poop for me.” -Mom


I was so surprised to find this picture. Chubby was always around for Christmas or Easter or whatever holiday I got to open something on. But it’s so weird she’s laying on my legs. I think I was more of her best friend than I realized.


Doggy kisses and photo bombin’.


“She was always wagging her tail and barking when I would come pick up Maria. It’s like she knew I wasn’t a threat. She loved when I rubbed her belly, almost nonstop panting. She was one of the most loyal dogs I’ve ever seen and it was cute when Maria would always say she was a German Shepard, Collie, Hound mix, never saying she was a mutt.” -Dad


Welcome to the photo series of Maria squeezing Chubby so hard her eyes almost popped out.


“My funniest moment of Chubby and Maria was when Maria decided to dress Chubby in my intimate apparel and walk her down the street. I couldn’t believe it.” -Mom


“I barely remember the pre-Chubby days.  Chubby was Maria’s companion in grade school, through high school, on visits home from college, and the awkward transitional post-college transition we have all been through.  Chubby’s familiarity to Maria has brought comfort, joy, annoyance (ha), compassion and, most of all, companionship.  I knew that the day would come eventually for Chubby to pass on, but I also think that in purposeful denial I felt like Chubby would always be around in the future like she has always been in the past.  You will be missed, Chubs, especially by Maria and Aunt Cynde, and my heart is so sad for their loss of you from their lives.” – Tara


And this is what I call “chubby”

cleveland-wedding-photographers-chubby-dog-23PINIMAGE cleveland-wedding-photographers-chubby-dog-24PINIMAGE

When I didn’t have anyone to hang out with I hung out with, Chubby and I took selfies that weren’t called selfies yet. You have no idea how many I had to weed through…

cleveland-wedding-photographers-chubby-dog-29PINIMAGE cleveland-wedding-photographers-chubby-dog-30PINIMAGE

And then Chubby showed me off to college…


…and cuddled with me when I came home.


She was there for all of my birthdays even if just in the background.


“One time Maria and her mom left me alone with Chubby and a box of Cheez-Its to feed her if she started barking. She barked. I fed her a Cheez-It. She threw it up on our apartment rug. They were gone all of ten minutes.” – Meghan


“The memory of a great dog will live forever.  Not only with the owner but with everyone who had contact with that loyal, loving animal.  I honestly believe that God created dogs for those of us who need an unconditional love that we cannot attain from other humans.  They are an truly an example of how we should treat each other.  They are selfless and look to do what’s right for those closest to them.  Chubby was no different for Maria.  The bond that they hold is more extreme than in most situations.  Chubby is only Maria’s and Maria is only Chubby’s.  They’ve been there for each other for longer than most friendships that any of us have.  She would do anything for Maria.  My favorite inspiring memory of Chubby comes from their old house on Brookfield.  Maria would constantly try to get Chubby to jump from the love seat to the couch.  However funny it was for us to watch her fail and smash her face into the couch, she would continue to try for Maria and would ultimately succeed.  Regardless of how others view you, remember Chubby and try to push through for yourself and for those who care about you the most.  Anything worth attaining requires you to take that first step and make a leap into the unknown.  Thanks Chubby.” -Rob


Chubby accepted and put up with my weird antics.

“Like most people, I had only known Chubby through Maria’s stories and pictures. Then one day I had the pleasure of meeting the infamous pup. Maria swung open the door and I was greeted with a much smaller than anticipated, floppy eared fox-dog. I quickly realized why Maria had developed the habit of scooping Chubby up and snuggling with her.” -Daniel


  And then I moved home and she became almost internet famous. She got a whole lot of lovin’ from people who didn’t even know her!

Summer images during June 12-13 2013PINIMAGE

“Oh little Chubby. She has an infectious personality with incredible energy to pair with it. I would have thought that she was a puppy had it not been for the grey hair that nearly covered her face. Yet, Maria could still swoop her up in her arms and hold her like a baby, which Chubby still was at heart. There was no doubt she was Maria’s baby; always had been and forever will be. Chubby even posed for pictures with us as we sported our Snyder shirts – the girl is a trooper! I hadn’t known her long, but it was clear they had a special bond. (As if I hadn’t already gathered that from all Instagrams Maria shares of her!) And Chubby had been given a great home with family who adored her as she lived out the rest of her doggy years.” -Autumn



“I have never had the opportunity to meet Chubby in person but I do follow the pictures and videos Maria posts to Instagram very closely. Especially in my favorite videos of all, the #chubbyruns series. But even more apparent than Chubby’s overall cuteness is the deep connection and love Maria shares with Chubby. It’s so apparent from their pictures how much Maria adores her Chubby puppy. Chubby will be missed but she has led a wonderful life.” -Katie


The picture above won the “Pet Selfie” Contest at my vet’s office. It was fun to see her cuteness officially recognized.


“My favorite memory of Chubby is when Maria lived in her old house on Brookfield and we put her in a baby pool (I think that’s what it was) and she kept trying to escape. But in a general sense my favorite memories of Chubby are going over to Maria’s house for sleepovers when we were younger and if she had to leave the room, Chubby would come over to me and want me to pet her. She was always the sweetest pup.” – Sarah


And then she started sleeping all the time and taking over the bathroom.


 “Chubby has been so faithful to Maria for all of these years. Chubby has been Maria’s one constant in her life. Everything changes…friends, homes, schools, boyfriends, jobs. It was a very difficult decision for Maria to allow Chubby to be pain free. Maria loves Chubby more than anyone in her life and that’s okay.  I am very proud of Maria’s strength during a part of life everyone hates to go through.” -Mom

cleveland-wedding-photographers-chubby-dog-61PINIMAGE cleveland-wedding-photographers-chubby-dog-62PINIMAGE cleveland-wedding-photographers-chubby-dog-64PINIMAGE

I think I’ll miss her cuddles the most. And getting to come home and pick her up or sneak a peek at her while she’s sleeping. Just knowing that she’s around makes me so much calmer. When she isn’t around, I always freak out wondering where she is. When I first got to college, adjusting to not having a dog was so weird. I would always expect her to come running when I dropped food.

I decided to do a portrait session with Chubby about a week ago. This was when I knew her time was soon but not right around the corner. We actually had to keep moving up our session as we kept getting bad news. I’m so thankful to Suzanne for being so understanding and flexible with our situation and so grateful for her to capture us on one of Chubby’s last days.

mariachubby-3PINIMAGE mariachubby-5PINIMAGE mariachubby-17PINIMAGE

“The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with her and not only will she not scold you, but she will make a fool of herself, too.” -Samuel Butler

mariachubby-22PINIMAGE mariachubby-24PINIMAGE mariachubby-36PINIMAGE mariachubby-39PINIMAGE

I’m also incredibly overwhelmed by everyone’s love and support leading up to this day. So many people have shared their stories about losing their dogs and that has helped me immensely in my healing process. I know the next few months will be tough but I’ll have my sixteen years of memories and all of my pictures of my extremely well documented dog to remember her and how she helped me be the person I am today.

It’s still hard to accept that she’s actually gone. I find myself looking around the house for her. Peaking in the bathroom since I didn’t see her in the living room sleeping. I think that’s going to be the biggest adjustment, actually believing that my best friend is gone. I’ll miss you Chubby Bunny…

A great big thank you to everyone who contributed to this blog post and took the time to reflect on Chubby’s life.

Read a follow up to our story, here.

  • Kayla Schneider - As I’m sitting at my computer reading this my sweet Zoey is in my lap asleep and tears are running down my face. What a sweet, touching tribute to your lifelong friend. Dogs really do touch a place in your heart that can be touched by no one else. Hugs to you.ReplyCancel

  • Renee - I’m so sad for your loss, Maria. What a wonderful life you gave Chubby!ReplyCancel

  • Jen - I don’t know you, but I saw photos that Suzanne had posted from your session. I just read through your post and am in tears. What a wonderful way to honor your best (pup)friend! I have a young pup of 4 years, but I know what it is to feel such love and a connection to a furry best friend and how sad I will be when it’s her time to go. Praying you will have comfort in this next seasib and all the good memories will flood your mind when you’re missing Chubby.ReplyCancel

  • Tara K - Oh my gosh. First of all, you’re such an artist. What an incredible way to document Chubs and take the time to process her life. Also, you look like little-Jeremy in the Christmas picture where Chubby is half covering your face. Look-tell me what you think. Also, I adore a few of the selfie pics of you and Chubby.
    My heart is so emotional now… I want to share this post, but I don’t know if I can do that to anyone else. You have such a way with words, Maria, so talented. Thank you for taking the time to share all of this and I love that you honored Chubby better than anyone else that I have ever seen honor a pet at the end of their life.ReplyCancel

  • Bob - Good grief! My heart goes out to you in such a tribute to a faithful friend! My girl Millie lived with us almost 15 years and there is only a hole that new puppies can fill <3 ! God bless you 1 Peter 5:7ReplyCancel

  • Anthony - Made a grown man cry!!! What a wonderful life you gave her, what a beautiful dog! Your souls are inseparable, she will forever be by your side…ReplyCancel

  • kim - Dear Maria,

    I just looked through your beautiful pictures of you and Chubby and I am in tears.Those pictures will help you through everyday.They are truly beautiful.I too miss my best friend.She was a cat named Nubbin with no tail,but I look at your pictures and they remind me that our bond was just as strong as you and Chubby’s.Thank you for sharing.KimReplyCancel

  • Patty Marrali - Thank you for sharing this beautiful love story! As well as the breathtaking photos!ReplyCancel

  • lisa - So sorry for your loss…..chubby is watching down and smiling … day you will see her again….but until that day she lives on through your memories and in your heart <3ReplyCancel

  • Shuann Chai - I came upon your blog totally by accident- what beautiful photos with such a beautiful companion. I’m so sorry for your loss, but also heartened to see how much love there was – and still is – between the two of you. Sending a big hug! -ShuannReplyCancel

  • Mary B - I’m sitting here crying for a dog & person I don’t know. Such a good story of love between a girl & her best friend…love only a dog owner knows. Chubby will live on in your memories forever!ReplyCancel

  • Carmen - What a beautiful tribute. Dogs have such amazing unconditional love. We got a dog for our daughter when she was 8 yrs old. Sugar has been our daughters 4 legged sister as our daughter is an only child. Sugar is almost 16 & has been ill & is declining. Your story brought tears to my eyes. I dread the day.ReplyCancel

  • Wendy - Your beautiful story brought tears to my eyes. Its wonderful that you have all of these beautiful pictures and stories of your 16 years together. Many thoughts and prayers go out to you.ReplyCancel

  • Robert H Robinson - Maria, thank you for sharing Chubby’s story with us. I know what it is like to have a little one leave too soon. I’m glad Chubby was able to experience a lifetime of love and joy! You two were blessed to have each other!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - Your blog post is a beautiful love story, and one in which I can relate. I had to put my basset hound Zoe to sleep in May, at almost 15 years old. Having had her since she was 3 months old, I understand the feeling of losing the only “constant” in life. Not a day goes by when I don’t feel heartbroken. Thank you for acknowledging the unconditional love of a pet.ReplyCancel

  • Beatnik - I am sitting here reading your blog and tears just keeps flowing uncontrollably. The most difficult decision is a decision u chose to make, however u gave Chubby the best of her life and u set her free and free from any uncomfortness and pain. I am still crying while typing this, so i cannot process how you are feeling now. I am so sorry for your loss, and i know time will heal. Many hugs to you.ReplyCancel

  • Mia - I’ve always felt that losing a pet is the hardest thing. It hurts big time. Just know that she had a wonderful life and she lives in your heart forever…ReplyCancel

  • Dave & Sue Clarke - What an amazing story and tribute. We lost our much lived Carter aged 15.5 last Christmas, his buddy Clinton now 16.5 and my wife and I still miss him terribly so know what you are feeling. We also know like you knew that our time with Clinton is drawing to a close.

    Sleep well Chubby, sleep well.ReplyCancel

  • Barbara - Such a beautiful, lucky dog, to spend her life with someone who knew her so completely, and loved her so much! Maria, thank you for sharing this story. I lost my little monster-boy in August, and am still heartbroken. I hope your tears begin to subside, and you can share these pictures with a smile on your face. Such a love story!ReplyCancel

  • Mark C - There is nothing stronger or more real then the love of a Dog (or any animal)…..they are selfless, dedicated and true to their owners in a way no human could ever be. You have shown Chubby so much love from the day she came into your life and what you received in return is something that will live in your heart forever. As your Mom so perfectly said, God puts Dogs in the lives of those that need them most, and I know my Dog came into mine for the same reason yours came into your life….God Bless you and Chubby, sorry for your loss….ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - Thank you for sharing your story. I lost my best friend my bliss harry almost four years ago and I miss him every day. He sent me two little new friends and I love them but his memory will live with me and my soul forever. When I pass after my life I hope he is the first thing I see, then I will know that every thing will be all right again.ReplyCancel

  • Lisann - She is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your photos and story.ReplyCancel

  • Geneviève Guillaume - Merci meme si je n’ai pu lire j’ai compris cet immense amour Et dans le regard de ce chien il y a tant d’amour et de tendresse Merci c’est superbe Je vous aime pour tout ça GenevièveReplyCancel

  • Tessa - I’m so, so sorry. We had to put my golden retriever Aspen down two weeks ago, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. I completely get what you mean about dogs being our “people.” I always considered Aspen to be my sister. It’s sad, but every time I see her blanket and toy sitting on my bed, I know she’s at peace and I know no one deserves it more. It’s the same for Chubby. You two were good to each other, and she knows how much you love her.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - This was so beautiful and oh so relatable. The bond with a beloved dog is like no other, and the heartbreak when you lose a dog is like no other kind. Thank you for expressing this so beautifully. The peaceful and blissful look on Chubby’s face even as she was nearing her end is everything. She very clearly was one of the lucky ones, and she’ll be with you forever. <3ReplyCancel

  • Julie - Maria, I am going to have to make this decision real soon…My 14 year old lab is having trouble walking, getting up, etc…I dread doing it..I have had to put other pets to sleep and it doesn’t get easier..The love Chubby gave you and you to Chubby is a special one…I wish everyone could share the love of a pet…ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen - Like many others, I have tears running down my face. My last two dogs passed at 15, and I keep telling my dog Holly she can’t grow old. What a beautiful tribute to Chubby from you and your family and friends. Dogs truly can be our best friend, confidante, traveling companions, so much more than “just a dog”. I hope you can take comfort in the memories of how Chubby affected your life and the lives of those who met her. 🙂 She was well-loved and lived a life any dog would wish for.ReplyCancel

  • Misty - Thank you for sharing Chubby with the world. My best friend is a Boston terrier named Chubby! And your pictures remind me of my own. So much love. Big hugs.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I also am crying at my computer while reading this wonderful tribute to your dog! My deepest condolences…been there a couple of times & know how very painful it can be to lose your best friend!ReplyCancel

  • Matt Murphy - What a beautiful testament to the love you have for Chubby! I lost my best furry friend of 15 years, Baxter two weeks ago to kidney failure. It is hard to express in words what is lost when a long time pet companion reaches the end of his life. “My dog died” just doesn’t cut it. I too feel like one of the most important and special things in my life is gone, a small bright spot that I looked forward to every day and never failed to make me feel better. I was with him almost every single day of the last 15 years and I am grateful that when he was a puppy I got to work from home for more than a year and spend every day with him. I tried to make sure that his final moments with me were as peaceful and serene as possible. His last day, Sunday, was a beautiful sunny breezy day and we sat by a small pond in the park. He was alert, but I could see in his face and his eyes that we was weak and tired and just wanted to rest. by that time he was too weak to even walk, so I carried him around the lake. Then I walked back to the vets. I held him for a hour wrapped in a blanket, on a couch in their quiet room and he nodded and napped in my arms, as he had many times before. He looked up at me before the doctor administered his last shot. Then, in an instant he was gone.ReplyCancel

  • Sue - I’m so sorry for your loss. We lost our dog Jack when he was 16 too. I got him for my mom at the pound right after my dad died, and then when she died a few years later, Jack became my sister’s dog. He was one of the greatest dogs of all time and all our friends still talk about him. I’m so grateful for the time we had with him as you are with your Chubby. I hope you find some peace and comfort during this tough transition.ReplyCancel

  • ted - Beautiful story…thank you so much for sharing. Chubby will never be replaced but I know there is another beautiful animal waiting for you to give them a forever home….I hope you are able to open your heart to another one 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Linda - Hi Maria. I believe that in heaven God will re-create our pets for us. Heaven is a place where we will be happy and I believe God will give us the things we want to make us happy. So you will have your Chubby back in heaven. I’m going to have my Susie and Dusty and Mandy and Scruffy back again. Thank you Lord.ReplyCancel

  • Susan Sharp - Dear Maria:

    One of my dog’s vets sent me the link to your story on Mashable because your beautiful sweet dog looks so exactly like my dog Dodger. Dodger just turned 15 and I only hope I can show him as much love as you obviously gave to your Chubby. Many thanks for your photos and the inspiration. ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - I can completely relate to the end, about looking for her when you come home. After I had to put my pug Pippin down (I’d had him since he was a puppy and we put him down when he turned 14 because of an issue with his trachea) for weeks I would come home and completely forget that he was no longer there to greet me.. No longer there for me snuggle. I’d come home sometimes listening for his little snorts and even go to call for him and then realize he’s not there anymore..
    For a very long time I felt like I had a huge hole in my heart. But then it began to hurt less, and less, and less… And I realized I was at the point where I could start looking for another dog. I’ve found her and had her for over a year now and while I will never forget Pippin it no longer hurts as badly.ReplyCancel

  • Janice - This was absolutely touching, don’t ever forget your memories with Chubby. Just like Chubby won’t ever be forgetting them either, take care love ♡ReplyCancel

  • Heather - I can not stop crying reading this, it reminds me of my baby lance. I got him when I was around 4, he was with me for everything, we were inseparable. I wish I had taken more pictures of him, not a day goes by that I dont miss him. I love this blog post.ReplyCancel

  • cpymoos - So touching.. I cant stop to cry while reading this.
    Thanks for sharing your photos and story. I love it very much…ReplyCancel

  • Ashling - I can completely relate to this and it’s a truly beautiful, inspiring story. I’m so so very sorry for you loss, I cant imagine how it feels. But just know you gave Chubby a fantastic life, and although Chubby is no longer with you, the love between you will last forever. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story xReplyCancel

  • Sandra - Awwh she was gorgeous! What a lovely post in her memory. We lost our dog in March when she was 17 and we still sorely miss her. xReplyCancel

  • Melissa - What utterly beautiful moments you have captured with darling Chubby. She was clearly dearly loved. What a lucky dog to find your family and especially you. Such a heart warming blog. Thank you for sharing with us and having dogs myself I understand the heart break you must be feeling. Big hugs to you all and love to Chubby wherever she is xxxReplyCancel

  • Kenny Williams - I feel your pain. I’m sitting at computer crying like a baby. RIP Chubby 🙁ReplyCancel

  • harriet - Hello Maria,

    My deepest sympathies for the loss of Chubby. He is so beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing with the world the unconditional loving bond you both conveyed to each other. Incredible, moving and powerful moments you captured!

    Chubby will always be there! Trust me, another girl who’s best friend is beautiful too!

    Yours truly,

  • Jinxie - My goodness this is heartbreaking to see . I’m not embarrassed to admit tears are rolling down my cheeks. At least this little dog had, gave and knew love throughout this beautiful friendship. Why oh why did God or nature make the lives of dogs so relatively short? I have lived with dogs all my life – one is currently snoozing at my feet, another is beside me on the sofa and the other is sleeping soundly on my lap. I have had to say painful goodbyes in the past and dread the day when I lose one of my current companions . Let’s hope and prey they run happy, free and healthy over the Rainbow Bridge.

    I hope you find another little friend to love and cherish soon. Never forget little Chubby but love another, as much, in his memoryReplyCancel

  • Sim - I’m so sorry for your loss. What a sweet, touching tribute to your best friend.
    She will always be with you.
    I send you love, hugs and peace xxxReplyCancel

  • Lynne - Dear Maria, This is one of the most moving things I have ever read. I admire your incredible strength to lovingly document your final moments with Chubby. Your tribute is a perfect expression of the loving bond we have with our animal companions. Thank you for sharing the “best part of you” with us. I think Chubby would say the same.ReplyCancel

  • Janice Riddle - I loved reading and sharing your love for your Chubby. My KoKo passed last Nov. 25 and here it is close to one year later and I still miss him every day. I haven’t been able to get another dog because I’m afraid I will only make a comparison and I know in my heart there will never be another KoKo. He was my best friend in every sense for close to 9 years. Best of luck to you.ReplyCancel

  • tammy sharp - My tears are running down my cheeks.A wonderful tribute to Chubby.Sorry you don’t have her to cuddle with anymore. You gave her a wonderful life filled with LOVE !ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for writing it and for the lovely photos of you and Chubby.ReplyCancel

  • brenda - I know the feeling this brought tears to my eyes… I had to put my dog down a in November of last year he would of been 13.. he had a stage 5 heart murmur and was getting worse.. he was on a few different heart meds and the only alternative was a new heart and I didn’t think he would of been able to handle that… he wasn’t himself ( and you know your dog) I always told the vet to let me know when he was suffering and it was time there wasn’t anything else they could do and I seen for myself he wasn’t doing well and I couldn’t put him through no more so I made the decision which was one of the hardest I had to do, but I kept telling myself it was for the better for him…. your pets are your family and I miss him dearly… it takes time, but you never forget.ReplyCancel

  • Sharon - Maria…She was a beautiful lady…I loved looking at her photos,although to see her jumping off patio and running,brought tears to my eyes…Thank God she had a wonderful life…Thanks for sharing…And so happy for the many memories and pictures..RIP Chubby…You will always be in their thoughts..Thinking of you and your family,friends…..ReplyCancel

  • Liz - Dear Maria:
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful love story between a girl and her dog. My two pups just “fought” over licking away all the tears from my face by nudging each other off of me, after reading your story and viewing your wonderful pics! Thank you so much for sharing Chubby with us all, and I hope I have the same grace as you, to “let go” when Father Time knocks on my door.ReplyCancel

  • Jenna - This brought me to tears, the relationship you two had was so special and so beautiful, to see the photos as well, they are so raw with love and emotion from both of you. I am so sorry for your loss and I know the pain you are going through. My dog Coco was put down in July at the age of 12 and I still can’t bring myself to write a post about her or go through the thousands of photos I have taken of her. As a photographer myself I wouldn’t stop taking photos of Coco, and yet now I feel like no matter how many I took, they were never enough. It is to this day the most heartbreaking thing I have ever dealt with and her absence is so apparent everyday. I am sure you feel the same, but for me one of the hardest things is knowing that the bond I had with Coco I will never have again. She was by my side through the biggest changes of my life and when I have a dog in the future, even though I will love it just as much, it will be during a different time in my life, perhaps when I have a family. It will be very different. That intense bond where I felt like Coco was my doggy soul mate is no more and it’s heartbreaking. I know I will probably never love something or someone in the same nurturing, intense closeness until I have my own children. She was literally my baby, my child. Anyone who’s never had a dog wouldn’t understand, but the hole they leave is remarkable. That something so small and something that never actually utters a word in its life can fill the house with personality, and leave the biggest empty void when they are gone. That just goes to show how incredible dogs are.

    What’s helped me so much is not looking at the pain as a loss, but instead as a sign that I had been blessed with something so incredible. When you choose your dog you could pick from hundreds, but like you with Chubby, we struck gold! It hurts so much right now, but I think out of everything in my life, having such an amazing dog for so many years is one of the things I’m most thankful for.

    I will be thinking of you over the coming weeks and hope the grieving process is kind to you. Dogs are wonderful and knowing a dogs love is one of the greatest blessing that life can bestow on us.

    Sending many hugs, Jenna xxReplyCancel

  • Theresa - Only a heart so big can love so much. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful love story with both photos and words. As a grown woman literally twice your age, I have loved and said goodbye to so many dogs in my lifetime and it never gets easier and each is never replaced by another. One day you will find another best friend, and what a lucky dog it will be. Chubby will always be with you in your heart. What a lucky girl she was!ReplyCancel

  • Yvette Marie - My heart breaks and my eyes filled with tears…but what a beautiful tribute to a special friend and love in your life…my heartfelt sympathy on your loss, I have been there and understand.ReplyCancel

  • Jamie - I am so sorry for your loss! Chubby is a gorgeous pup. I have a pitbull named Sir Licks a Lot and I cannot even imagine what will happen one day when he leaves us. He is the best dog we have ever had!ReplyCancel

  • Kim - I am very sorry for your loss. She was a very lucky dog to be loved so much!ReplyCancel

  • Joanne - This is the most beautiful tribute to your sweet dog. I cannot stop crying as I too have a dog and think about his time with us. My dog is 11 and it just makes you think that we only have limited time. He is my best friend, my children’s best friend and the love of our lives. Thank you for paying such a beautiful tribute to the love of your life.ReplyCancel

  • cathie - This is the most touching story I loved and cried through. Lovely pictures of you and Chubby she was a gem.ReplyCancel

  • Katherine - This is so heartbreaking. I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I can’t stop sobbing. It’s Hachi all over again.ReplyCancel

  • June - that was a great story of a human and a dog….i am a man, 44 years of age from the Philippines, and you make ma cry like a baby….I have dogs too and I can relate to your feelings right now….Hoping that you will adopt another dog because you are such a dog lover… I really adore your Chubby and your story really touched my heart I just want to hug our dogs……Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Josh - These are very beautiful photos. I lost my dog a few years ago who I also got as a child and had for over 12 years. When the sadness hits you, just remember that you gave Chubby a long, wonderful life. That’s the best we can do.ReplyCancel

  • Caran - thankyou for sharing. Cubby with the world. You have given me inspiration. I have had three dogs two wich where put down. It was the hards thing in my life to see our second pub Joe be put down. I cried for days. I still miss him and there is a pic to him on my table. Our first pub I was only in college my parents where a way we new Mary was on her way but didn’t expect it to happen so soon I had to take her to the emergency vet in the middle of the night and they wanted me to put her down I just couldn’t do that to my family. I asked the vet if there was anything they could do to make her comfortable till my parents got home they put a pain patch on her and I took her home. She died three days later. Now I have Chloe she my service dog she is only four but I’m terrified of losing her. You have given me a great idea on how to preserve her life. Thank you for sharing your story. Cubby was so cute. You will be in my thoughts as you deal with your loss. But thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me something to do to always keep my lovable Chloe alive in my heart.ReplyCancel

  • Chris - Thank you for sharing your journey with your best friend. It was obvious from the pictures that Chubby was very loved. She had a wonderful life and I firmly believe that she is, right now, waiting for you in Heaven.ReplyCancel

  • Bella - Maria
    Thank you for sharing your blog and pics and with us. I am sorry for your loss. But what a heartfelt way to honor Chubby. Big, big hug!


  • Heather - Thank you for sharing these absolutely beautiful photos with all of us. I am so sorry for your loss but am thankful that Chubby had a wonderful life with you and you with her. Take care.ReplyCancel

  • Henriette - Chubby was certainly loved as you Maria were loved by Chubby! Every pictures depicks this love you have for each other! I truly enjoyed reading through it all & such beautiful pictures! What a treasure of beautiful memories! I also love dogs & have lost a few over the years but I still have 3 presently. Wishing you much love!ReplyCancel

  • Alexandra - Beautiful story about dog and human love, I’m sure your dog will be very proud of you in dog’s heaven, wish all pet owners love their pets as much as you 🙂ReplyCancel

  • J Tansirimas - I followed a post of facebook and there is the link to your blog. This is lovely and touching and the photos are very nice.ReplyCancel

  • Diana - Your story was so touching I couldn’t help not crying as I was reading and looking over this beautiful portrayal of sincere dog love. The only dog in my life which I loved very much was my grandmother’s, I would talk to him in doggy language, I would tell him stories and hug him and kiss his big wet nose and sweep the dust near his “house”. He wasn’t present all the time so our friendship was always fresh and intense. When my grandmother passed away he would only come out of his house just to show me that we share the same sorrow and tears, and he would have the same posture of a mournful old man. In a couple of weeks, he would run away and would never return… I only have one photo of him. your story reminded me of my long gone friend and if my loss was great, I can imagine yours is greater, but as you said you will always have “16 years of memories” which is good medicine in the end. be brave! 🙂 DianaReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - oh! Siento tu pena! Y me preparo para el momento! Tengo a Pillin y siento que es mi mejor amigo. Saludos desde ChileReplyCancel

  • Estefania - Siento tanto tu pena, tuve que despedir a mi mejor amigo y hermano mi gato Benjamín quien me acompañó en mi infancia, adolescencia y los inicios de mi adultes. Es indescriptible poder explicar todo lo que se siente por dejar partir a un amigo así tanto como la pena. Mi mas profunda admiración por el homenaje que le haz hecho a tu mejor amiga te mando mis mejores energias y mi profunda fortaleza un tremendo abrazo desde Chile.ReplyCancel

  • Maria (yep, thats my name too) - Dear Maria, I read your story of love in a well known news website in Chile, many people was showing their respect and with sadness expressing how wonderful was your pup. I felt touched when I read the story and I must say, I never wanted to raise a pup myself because I always felt so weak and I didn’t know if I can handle the pain of losing him/her but when I read your story… I mean, pain is part of living right? I know you’re having the most painful time of your life now but even so you wouldn’t change having Chubby for anything, and I would love to live a story like that!!. I am just a person who feels touched of knowing that persons like you with huge hearts make the life of a lovely dog so beautiful. I’m teary eyed now.. I send you many hugs from this southern country, ChileReplyCancel

  • Brandy - I lost my beloved Ashleigh almost one year ago. She was my constant companion and love for 13 years and I still find myself looking for her most days.
    Reading your story and seeing the pictures of you and Chubby put a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. Thank you for sharing it 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jackie O'Neill - I am so sorry, Maria, for your loss. I am crying as I write to you. Just looking at the pictures, I could tell how special Chubby is. I do not speak in the past tense just because Chubby has moved on to her eternal life in heaven. The reason I speak in the present is because I am sure, no I am positive she is in heaven showing all of her specialness.
    It is like they say, A picture is worth a thousand words. I can tell the friendship you guys built one is just inspiring. Your stories are so wonderfully written as are those from all the people involved in Chubby’s life. May God bless Chubby and you. You will be together again. Don’t worry about that. Till that day comes, find Chubby everywhere there is love– in the big things and in the small. She is there, because she IS love. Fill your homes you have and your car and your work place with pictures of Chubby and you. Being a photographer, I probably do not have to say that, right? I am soooooo happy to hear that a dog got to be showered with so much love. On Facebook, I hear so many bad things happening to animals everywhere — on farms, labs,on the streets, in people’s homes, and in shelters. My gosh, it is unbelievable that people are so cruel to animals! And then there is you, Maria. Chubby and you built your forever sisterhood and friendship on love. Not many animals get to experience the love shown in the photos here and in all the others you have and in everyday life!!!! I am happy for you both. I have been through this loss many times. It is very hard. Chubby is with you, Maria. A love like hers and yours will NEVER diminish or go away. She taught and brought you soooooooooo
    much, and that will not be forgotten by you or anyone. You and your mom rescued her from a shelter. You saved her and in return, she showered your lives with more love than either of you probably ever saw coming I bet. But that is how animals are. They love unconditionally and
    FOREVER!!!! Right now, I know she is looking down and showering that love upon you and all her family. Take that love and hopefully you can use it each day to make it a Chubby kind of day filled with love and silliness, playfullness and kindness, forgiveness and the simple kind of life of a dog, a dog you named, Chubby! By the way, Chubby and Chubby Bunny are sooooo cute!!!!!
    I will pray for Chubby and you , and for your mom ,dad, friends and all those near to Chubby.
    I do not know if you are Catholic or if you know how to say the rosary, but I swear by it. When you pray to Mary, she listens to what is in your heart. Jesus will not deny what His mother, Mary, asks of Him. Also, St. Francis, patron saint of animals, will hear your prayers. I, too, love animals, Maria, so I pray for them. And I will pray for Chubby and you.
    You will be together again. What a reunion that will be for you both!!!!! Till then, feel Chubby’s live every day and spread it to others. I hope that you will choose to save lives again as you did when you saved Chubby at the shelter. There are soooo many animals out there being killed every day. Thousands upon thousands of them and all they want is to have a home and be loved and live the life God meant for them to live. Please let me know how you are doing and if you do save another life or more than one life which actually is nice for the animals when you adopt more than one. My email is

    Take care,


  • Antonela - I am touched by this story. Month ago I lost my dog Medo who spent six wonderful years with us. That 6 years were probably the best years of my life too, because without Medo nothing ever will be completely. Medo died in his favorite armchair, surrounded by people he loved most in the world. He died of an unknown disease. Never before I didn’t felt so awful, I cried more than ever before. I knew that I did everything that was in my power to save him, but unfortunately sometimes that everything is not enough.
    Jeste li mislili: kad je Leo umro
    When Medo died I lost not just a dog, but also a best friend and family member. I’ll never forget him and I will always love him.I hope wherever he is now that he is happy.ReplyCancel

  • Becca - I lost my dog, Sally, just over 2 months ago and it was the hardest thing i’ve ever had to go through. She was my best friend for 15 years and even though i know she’ll always be in my heart and memories, i miss her like crazy and always will. Thank you for sharing yours & Chubby’s story.ReplyCancel

  • Nimisha - Maria- This blog hits the spot for me. I lost my own dog about 2 months ago and every word of this resonates with what I felt do you ever get back from having someone around you constantly, waking you up, nudging for your attention? My dog Rocky was with me for 14 years and had the same issues..he couldn’t walk or see and slept the whole day. He was strong right till the end and died peacefully at the hospital. I wasn’t around at the same and regret not having a chance at saying goodbye. In hindsight that was probably for the best because I would have broken apart if I was around.Your tribute was touching and heartfelt and I want to express my deepest condolences for your loss.ReplyCancel

  • Ramie - Well I’ve typed and retyped three times now. My heart is broken for you. What a beautiful story that you will always have, an inspiration of true love. Thank you for sharing and for giving Chubby such a wonderful life.ReplyCancel

  • natalia - Hola!, en primer lugar , ojala puedas entender mi mensaje, me encantaron tus fotos, de hecho tengo algunas similares de mi y mi perro lacky, él ya tiene 12 años y ya hemos pasado por momentos de susto y preocupación, lo amo mucho como tú amas y tu mejor amiga, lo entiendo perfectamente, porque mi perro, mi lacky, es mi amigo, mi hermano, mi mejor amigo que pude tener, no puedo evitar llorar cando veo y leo cosas de este tipo, como fue tu caso, y me imagino y tengo que afrontar cuando me toque a mi… hermosas tus fotos, y me has dado una excelente idea cuando llegue ese día en mi lacky vaya a un mejor lugar. Muchas gracias por compartir tu historia y conocer a tu hermosa mejor amiga!!ReplyCancel

  • Mike - One day, on the most beautiful day of your life, you will find yourself at the edge of a field. Packs of puppies will be frolicking in the filed.

    One of them will suddenly alert and come running in your direction. You will recognize this puppy.

    You made it to Heaven.ReplyCancel

  • Matt - What a wonderful way to say thank you, goodbye and see you later to your very best friend.
    I think every pet holder knows exactly how it feels to lose your best furry friend you spent so many years with and who wasn’t a pet. She was a friend, family member and your companion for such a long time.
    My condolences for your loss but don’t forget the happy years you had together and and this makes chubby immortal because she stays in your heart forever.ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa - I am at my desk at work right now with tears literally streaming down my face. Your story with Chubby is EXACTLY the story of my dog Princess and I. Princess passed away last year, in July, due to old age…she was also 16 years old. I got her when I was in kindergarten.

    Like Chubby, Princess grew up with me. She saw all of the big milestones in my life, like me graduating high school and college, experiencing my first relationship, my first heartbreak, everything. She saw me off to prom (and I made sure to take a picture with her!). Being an only child, when I was in elementary school, I would tell everyone I had a ‘sister.’ She slept on the foot of my bed every night when I was little.

    I am so sorry for your loss. I know exactly what it feels like, and that’s why I think I’m reacting the way I am. I was a mess the day we brought Princess to the vet to be put to sleep. I felt as if I lost my whole childhood. She was, and still is, so special to me.

    I hope you will be able to find comfort in another dog, if you plan on getting one. It took my family over a year, but this past August we adopted our Mocha. We think Princess sent us to her–she had a hard first year of her life, and we’re her third family. We love her very much, and she has been able to help heal the hurt I’ve at least experienced from losing Princess.

    As cliche as this sounds, Chubby will always be with you. Cherish those memories with her, as I’m sure you will, and always remember that she had such a long, beautiful, wonderful life. I wish you all the best <3ReplyCancel

  • Patrick - I read your incredibly moving blog entry as i wait to hear from the vet about how my Scout fared during her spaying surgery. We brought Scout home a year to the day from when we said good bye to my Woody — who was my Chubby to put it in perspective. I love Scout but the Woodman will always hold a unique and separate place in my heart. My point is it does get easier. A day doesn’t go by that i don’t talk to Woody (and yeah i may occasionally tell Scout “Woody wouldn’t have done that…i know i know…i’ll give her a complex)but now the dominant emotion is slight melancholy mixed with a lot of joy rather than crushing sadness. good luck and thank you for sharing your story and pictures.ReplyCancel

  • Debra Keith - You did such a wonderful tribute to your companion of 16 years. It brought tears to my eyes. I had to have my Miniature Dachshund put down 4 months ago. She had a severe back problem. She was only 11 1/2 years old. Know that they are in a better place. God bless you!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - This post was so touching and made me cry. I really feel for you! I lost my dog suddenly last year and it was the most heartbreaking thing I have been through. I didn’t leave my bed for two days! Have you read the Rainbow Bridge poem? It really helped me heal. I truly believe our pets go to heaven and we will be reunited with them one day 🙂 I hope you’re holding up good and take comfort in the fact that you gave Chubby an amazing life.ReplyCancel

  • Cynthia - Hi Maria, I have just finished reading about Chubby, you were both so lucky to have found each other, and share such a wonderful life blessed both of you..I had to put my Mom’s little tiny Shih Tzu down only a year after my Mom’s unexpected passing..I knew in my heart that I was sending her a precious gift..her little Teddy…or as she called him Taji..I was heartbroken, but I also knew he was in good hands..they say that time does heal…but sometimes it is just as hard months and months later..God sends us nothing but Angels and I am sure Chubby was one of them..animals I believe are the eyes of God..always watching us..Chubby is still with you in heart, spirit and soul..hang in there…always..ReplyCancel

  • Lenny - Rest in peace Chuppy. An amazing beautiful and in the same time a sad story. Reading your blog, I’m convinced she enjoyed being with you every minute in her life. Good bless people like you who, thanks for loving animals and thank you for sharing this incredible story with us.ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful series. Like nearly everyone else who has written you, tears are streaming down my face as I type. My own little shepherd mutt love of my life is getting older, slowing down, and it just makes you want to stop time for a while. Thank you again and I hope all of these fellow dog lovers give you a little sense of peace.ReplyCancel

  • PAOLA MORAGA - HOLA. soy chilena, y encontré muy bello el gesto de inmortalizar a tu fiel animalito durante toda tu vida!

    en Chile también se supo de tu generosidad y amor por tu perrito.

    recibe un abrazo apretado para ti,.. eres una bella persona!!!ReplyCancel

  • Edison Vargas Barahona - Hermoso y muy emotivo, me trae recuerdo del perro de mi pareja que murió justo cuando nació mi hijo, de viejito, saludos.ReplyCancel

  • Alexandra - Gorgeous, Chubby! I never knew you, but I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face, wishing you had just a little more time. Sending lots of hugs from Boston to your (very talented, very clearly awesome) mummy! xxReplyCancel

  • Megan - Maria,
    I was 8 years old when my parents brought home my Penny. She was just a little lhasa apso puppy with the cutest waddle you’ve ever seen. When my dad left, it was me, my mom, and Penny against the world for the next 10 years. Penny was my best friend, my work out buddy, my cuddle bunny, our guard dog, my family. I lost her in 2008 to a brain tumor. Making the decision to let her go was was difficult, but I knew it was the right thing to do.. even though I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. On the way to the vet, we stopped to get her ice cream and hamburgers. Her face lit up and it was the first time in days that she not only ate, but inhaled food. My mom and I were both crying and laughing hysterically at the same time. That dog loved burgers and ice cream. It’s been over 6 years since we said goodbye to Penny and I still miss her everyday, but it gets easier over time.
    Your story stuck out to me because our dogs were indeed what our families needed. Penny kept my family feeling “normal” after my dad left. I’m sure you understand what I mean.
    16 years worth of memories is an incredible gift to have. I wish you peace and comfort during your grieving process. Someday we’ll see our friends at the rainbow bridge. Take care.ReplyCancel

  • Jon - My deepest condolences to you Maria. My wife and I had to put our Newfie Mix, Benny, down in July after he had developed hemangiosarcoma. I sit here typing this through tears running down my cheeks, remembering good times with him and seeing just how much Chubby meant to you. I only knew Benny 5 years but it felt like so much longer our bond was so strong. He was my wife’s dog. I hope Chubby and Benny are romping together on the other side of the rainbow bridge.ReplyCancel

  • Machelle H. - I came upon this by accident, but I am so glad that I did. I know how you feel and I hate it for you. I’m so sorry for your loss. They are so much more than dogs, they are family…they are love unconditional. I feel sorry for those who never fully get to understand that. We are some of the lucky ones. Much love to you.

    Shelly HatcherReplyCancel

  • Ardith - Maria, you and your furry friend, Chubby will always have that special bond. The wonderdul photos showed the love you shared, as well as, the beautiful friendship. My heart was touched, and I couldn’t hold back the tears knowing what you have and are going through. Only a pet owner who has lost their furry friends will ever understand. I have always had pets and remember them, but the ones that touched my heart the most were my wire haired fox terrier who was like my baby. I saved my money from my first full time job for a canopy bed, only to bring home a wirehaired fox terrier puppy who lived only almost 9 yrs. When she died, I was married and pregnant with our firsr child. It was a difficult time. Another precious pet I will always remember was when our second child was three, we got a cat, Muffin, who died two days after Muffin’s 18th birthday. Oh, the hurt of losing that precious cat! We now have a 10 yr old cat who was rescued after traveling 50 miles in a wheel well of a coworker’s car. Tiger Lily was only a few wks old and had to be fed colostrum with a syringe because she was too tiny to eat from an eyedropper! I can only imagine how heartbreaking it will be when her time comes! My thoughts and prayers are with you, Maria, that God comforts you and gives you peace. Always cherish those beautiful pictures of Chubby and all the precious memories of the great times you had together over the years. God bless you! I am hoping we will see our beloved pets again someday!ReplyCancel

  • Lou - So sorry about the loss of your best friend. My dog is 15, I got him when he was 3 months old. His health is failing fast, what a wonderful idea to take pictures. This weekend I am getting the camera out to take pictures of me an my best friend.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - I just went through the same thing with my cat of sixteen years. When I was ten I had a cat named Zelda, but Zelda was a very prissy thing. “Don’t play with me don’t touch me just admire me and tell me how beautiful I am.” I begged my mom for a second cat, but she steadfastly refused, culminating with “If god wants you to have a cat, he will give you a cat!”
    Three weeks later we hear these pitiful meows outside of out house on New Year’s Eve. There was a grey tabby kitten, 4 months old with paws all torn up and big green eyes. We let him on our porch and I fell in love instantly.
    Link was my best friend. He loved cuddling, and being the center of attention. He was my world, and my rock for most of my life. He even had a special ‘mama’ meow just for me. It’s hard for me to connect with people, so I loved Link in a way I’ve never loved anyone.
    About a year ago he started getting really thin. He’d just stop eating for a few days. We would change his food and that would solve it for a while, but he must have lost 10 pounds in a year. About four months ago he got a mysterious hole in his head that would keep opening up. Then there came the coughing and the stumbling. While never officially diagnosed, my mom and I think he had FIV, which is the feline equivalent of HIV.
    One Wednesday I was getting ready for work after a big interview, and I went outside to get something out of my jeep. Link was in our yard and he wouldn’t lift his head up. I called my mom to come get him because I knew something was wrong and I didn’t want him to be alone. He just got worse through the night. He couldn’t see, couldn’t walk…he heard my voice one time and stumbled over to lay his head on my lap. I’ve never cried so hard in my life.
    I knew it was time. We put him down the next afternoon. That was a surreal time.
    I’m still grieving, it’s only been three weeks since then. It’s gonna be hard, but we can do this. I’m so sorry for your loss. Chubby sounded like a great girl <3ReplyCancel

  • Laura - Maria, I lost the 16-year-old, black lab/collie mix, love of my life, Hector, in June. Like Chubby was for you, he was there for all of the important moments in my life – especially when I just needed someone to listen and comfort me. Four months after losing him, I can tell you that it doesn’t get any easier; you just learn how to live with it and be grateful for all of the amazing memories. My heart breaks for you.ReplyCancel

  • Catherine - Maria,
    I actually saw your story and found your blog from buzz feed. I loved that you documented this story, and I have so much in common with it personally. I also had a dog named Jake throughout my life when I was in middle and high school. He died shortly before I went to college… Cancer, that appeared out of no where. We found out he had cancer, and he went in for surgery. During the surgery they realized that there was nothing that could be done, and he could either live in pain for another 5 months or be put down personally. We put him down and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It was also the first time I’ve ever seen my grandpa cry. I still miss Jake, and talk about him all the time. A year after he died I got a portrait of him tattooed on my back, I had a tattoo artist sketch a picture of him. Now I feel like Jake is everywhere I go. Whenever people ask me about it I don’t say much, but the emotion in your story is exactly what is behind the picture on my back. I am going to recommend this article to everyone to read, especially others who have lost. Thanks for your story.ReplyCancel

  • Ariana - This is just such a beautiful tribute to such a special puppy. I’m grateful for the years you got Chubby and so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing a peek into your life together.ReplyCancel

  • Gail Green - What a beautiful love story ..b/c we truly fall in love with our little roommates/soulmates ..

    I just lost my Red Lhasa Apso Daisy on Wed. 7/30/2014 … her last two years were challenging as she developed diabetes, but we were managing .. and one kidney pill a day and she was doing rather well at 13 .. and then came seizures on her last day from which she would never recover …

    What a loving and gentle little soul whom I rescued when she was 5 from a hoarding situation .. first year I had her, tail was under, afraid of other pups and people, but by the end of the first year, her red big fluffy tail was flying in the breeze and she had to say hello to every pup passing .. what a blessing seeing her develop into this beautiful social butterfly .. she was and will always be my heart .. as you said so beautifully, the best part of me .. I was blessed to have her in my life as you were blessed and will continue to be as she helped you become who you are .. I pray for peace for us both in the coming weeks and months ahead and to dwell on the lovely times we had with our Darling babies who knew us better than anyone else …

    xoxoxo Gail and Daisy Green (new address/Heaven) with Chubby, happy, healthy and having a grand old time .. and we will see them again …ReplyCancel

  • Tammy Shafer - Thank you for sharing Chubby with us. I can’t help but sit here at my computer and ball my eyes out now though. Her adorable white, aging face reminded me so much of my two very best dogs ever, and I miss them so very much. What a wonderful way to honor your baby. I wish I would have taken pictures of my little man on his last day with me. They’d be much a much better image and memory in my head than the very last, much dreaded car ride we had together to the vet. So sorry for your loss. Dogs really are truely amazing animals if given the chance.ReplyCancel

  • victoria - i sit here weeping after looking at all your wonderful pictures and comments all your family and friend and yourself said. God bless you and God bless Chubby. I believe pets do go to heaven.I’m crying for me too…and all the wonderful pups i have had in my 63 years. I never had children and my babies were my children. I guess that sounds silly but I loved each of them and they loved me too. People like us should go find another companion at the shelter as so many are mistreated and unloved. Its clear the love you have will still be with you for the rest of your life. Your should share it with another companion and….chubby will be right with you both. God bless you. I could go on and on but I think you know how I feel for you and chubby.ReplyCancel

  • Eleusis_Mégara - I cannot stop crying while i was reading your post. I lost one of my cats about 3 years ago, that was so suddenly and painful… I grew up beside my lovely black and white Sammy, we found her in our garden, she was really wary and wild.

    With my little sister, we started to feed her secretly (my parents didn’t wanted a pet at that time). Like you with Chubby, we strongly wanted a cat. As one goes along, she was more confident, we can stroke her and finally, she got in the house and we kept her during 13 years.

    Sammy had her temper but she gave to us so much love. That was really hard to let her go and all your text reminded me it. Your article and all the pictures (especially the last ones) are a lovely ode to your cherished dog, thanks for sharing it with us.ReplyCancel

  • Janna - Your story touched me so deeply. I had a beautiful Lovebird (not a dog, I know, but my version of a dog). She lived for 14 years and I had her from when I was 6-20. She saw me through some of the most difficult days of my life and when she passed, it was beyond heartbreaking. I don’t think you ever fully get over the loss of a beloved pet because they provide such unconditional love that no one can replace. I just purchased my first dog a couple of weeks ago at the age of 26. His name is Yoshi and he is a 10 week old Yorkie. I already love him so much and he has bonded well with me. It’s beautiful to watch him grow everyday and I hate to think that one day (hopefully in the very far future) he will not be here. But we must treasure everyday we have with our pets and love them as much as we possibly can. When other people leave our lives or bad things happen, they are still there and that is such a beautiful thing. I wish you the best and think what you have done to treasure your wonderful dog’s memory is so incredibly touching.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - These stories always make me cry but I make myself read them because I hope it will prepare me for when it is time to say goodbye to my aging dogs. Thank you for sharing Chubby’s story and your story.ReplyCancel

  • Claudia Gallagher - My heart breaks for you. Nothing more painful than having to say see you later to your beloved one. 🙁ReplyCancel

  • Karen Thomas - Dear Maria, I’m so glad you had the opportunity to do a photo shoot and blog your journey with Chubby. I can only imagine the hole in your heart right now. I have my own Chubby who is only 10 years old and for the past 5 years we have been battling seizures and hypothyroidism. I totally get the love and bond you had with your best friend and know that it will be a process for you to reach a point where the constant ache isn’t as raw as it is for you today. God bless you, Maria, for giving Chubby such a wonderful, love-filled life. She is somewhere over the rainbow chasing butterflies for now but I’m confident she will be there at the top of the stairway to heaven to greet you one day. Hugs and love to you.ReplyCancel

  • Wombat Central - How lovely–thanks for sharing Chubby with us! Your relationship sounds wonderful, and I’m so sorry it had to include an end date. May all your gorgeous photos and sweet memories of your girl help to heal your heart. Sophie was our Chubby. I totally understand what you’re going through and send Internet hugs…ReplyCancel

  • - Two years ago I had to have my chow Kolabear put to sleep. She was 15. Took part of my heart and soul. I’m gonna try to tell a story and I’ll try to make it short. I had a cat she was almost 17. Visits every week to our vet because her liver and kidneys were failing. One week my husband was going to take her. I told him would you please tell Dr. Mauldin that I just don’t think I can have her put to sleep. Well he in turn said that’s up to her she will know what to do. One Sunday she was worse than ever she could not stand up. Dr. Mauldin met me at the office. I told him I knew I needed to let her go. I was looking down and he said you know she had a good life and we’ve done all we can. Sometimes when they are suffering and they can’t do the things they use to do and they are in pain. Sometimes you have to let them go. I looked up and he was crying too. I let her go so hard to do. Praying for you because when they leave they take part of your heart and soul.ReplyCancel

  • Viveca Ewing - Thank you so much for this sharing this story and for sharing Chubby with us. On October 4th I had to put my cat Carbon down, I’ve had her for 10 years and she was 23 when she passed away. The last few months weren’t good for her and I knew it was time to let her go. As heartbreaking as it is I know that she’s not in pain anymore. I still look for carbon too, there will be times when I walk down the stairs and I’m talking to her and then I realize that she’s not here anymore. But the time I had with her, is time I wouldn’t change for anything. And I am so thankful that I found this post, this is such a beautiful thing you were able to do for her and are able to have forever. In the next few weeks I plan on getting a tattoo for carbon.

    It’s kind of hard for me and probably anyone else who has lost a pet that was their best friend; it will take time but things will get better.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


  • Susan Noble - Oh Maria,

    I cried reading this what a beautiful beautiful dog and tribute to Chubby so sorry for your loss we are a family of dog lovers it’s so hard because they are family. My thoughts, love and prayers are with you and your family and with sweet chubby. Beautiful Pictures you are beautiful and Chubby is blessed.ReplyCancel

  • Lori - Oh Maria! You have been so blessed in your life! As much as you loved chubby, chubby loved you that much more. I lost my baby Shadow after4 very short years. She had lymphoma, but the vet wouldn’t tell me. He knew we couldn’t afford the expensive treatments that MIGHT have saved her life. The vet waited until my husband brought her in with yet another skin infection. She was my baby before I had my human babies. She went through both pregnancies with me and loved them dearly. I still miss her. It’s been 12 years. I sat on my kitchen floor holding her while she had massive seizure and slipped away just 6 weeks after i found out.And just last year I got another baby whom I adore. I love my 9 year old shepherd mix very much no one had touchede like she did until Holly. Interesting enough, she also enabled me to love Reagan much, much more fully than before.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Garcia - I read your story and I’m in tears. I look at my puppy and can’t imagine this happening to me. Even though he drives me crazy, the love I have for him is undescribable. So sorry for your loss.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - What a beautiful touching story. <3 ChubbyReplyCancel

  • fritodunce - what a beautiful dog and story. a touching tribute to a wonderful and loving realationshipReplyCancel

  • Mike - This is a beautiful story and had me in tears. Savour the memories of your best friend and celebrate life.ReplyCancel

  • Poornima Matthan - I cried as I read this. What a wonderful anecdote about yor beautiful Chubby.

    I am a huge dog lover too and fight for the cause of animals as much as I can…they are the most loving and straightforward creatures on this planet.

    Chubby will always live in you


  • Patrick - This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read! Now I am the one having tears in my eyes while writing this. Since my girlfriend has lost her dog a few years ago I think her greatest wish is to have a dog again. Not to substitute her dog she had before or to fill a gap but to have a loyal friend on her side again. I know she really misses her Filou and every time she tells talks about him I wish I had the chance to get to know him. After reading your blog post I had the same feeling about Chubby.

    You know that she’s not really gone. You guys had 16 wonderful years and now you have so much pictures and good memories. Nobody can take you that! Thanks for writing it all down.

    Take care and all the best for you.

  • Gunnar - Read this with my two dogs sleeping in my arm. Your story made me cry! Just the best, much strength and big hugs!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - Thank you for sharing Chubby’s and your life with us! <3ReplyCancel

  • Jody - I am so sorry for your lost. I’m sitting here crying since it brings back memories of my dogs. Dogs are family. Last year one of our dogs we had to put down due to cancer hardest decision we had to do. Thank you for sharing your story and memories of chubby. RIP chubbyReplyCancel

  • Marie - Maria, I was reading your touching words and thoughts while sitting in a bus, and tears started running in loving memories of my two dogs who also accompanied me since i was a small child. They were like sisters, felt my emotions better than anyone else in the world, each of them in her own characteristic way.
    My heart and thoughts are with you and your mum, perpetuate her memory in the innermost part of your heart. All the best from GermanyReplyCancel

  • Dixie Stupp - Enjoyed your story so much. Sorry for your loss ..We just had to put our Alayana and ELlie both down ..So sad..ReplyCancel

  • Michelle DeSerio - Hi Maria, I’m so very sorry for your loss of Chubby. Please accept my condolences. When I read your story of Chubby, I cried. My heart broke for the both of you. I thought of my baby, Oreo, who is 3 years old. He will be 4 in December. I know time flies and they (and us) are going to grow old one day. I wish they could all live forever. I loved your pictures of Chubby! She was such a beautiful dog! Just absolutely gorgeous!! May your memories of Chubby live on forever! RIP sweet angel!! ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - Glad to know that I’m not the only one in tears (because I know my daughter is gonna make fun of me) Anyway, the tears started rolling when I read the part about dogs being better friends than people. I had a 2 year old pug who was my best friend in the world, I talked to her like she was human. We spent ALL DAY, EVERYDAY TOGETHER. If I went somewhere , she went too. One night she had a seizure and within 2 weeks was almost lifeless. She had a rare pug disease. She had to be put down, my husband took care of that, while I left the state. I have epilepsy myself, we knew , me being there would trigger seizures. I felt like I lost one of my kids, (and I only had her 2 years) I can’t imagine how you must feel after losing a lifelong friend. They’re NOT JUST DOGS, they’re FAMILY! I’m SO SORRY for your loss. Mine died 4 months ago, I still cry sometimes, and talk to her when I visit her grave. May Chubby R.I.P.ReplyCancel

  • Bianca - Je schöner und voller die Erinnerung, umso schwerer der Abschied. Doch die Dankbarkeit verwandelt die Erinnerung in eine stille Freude. D. Bonhoefer

    Good wishes and peace for chubby from germany.

  • Eric - Maria, first off my heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your beloved Chubby. Pardon the cliche, but from your words Chubby had a wonderful life, and through his love and friendship, your life was enriched forever. Thanks for creating and sharing this wonderful testimonial and chronology of your life together. Like many others, the tears ran generously as I saw the photos and read the words about Chubby. I lost my childhood dog Pookie many years ago but he remains with me to this day. I am going through a similar journey now with our beloved cat Nathan. Like Chubby, we got him from the pound when he was young and he’s been a special part of our family ever since. Your words with regards to Chubby laying at your side when you’re not feeling well, resonate strongly with me as Nathan always seems to know when I’m blue. His health started declining at the beginning of the year but we are hoping that with pain management and other medicines that we will be able to manage his advancing arthritis. I am chronicling his life with my children more and more given his deteriorating health. The relationship between a pet and their family is truly symbiotic. We love them and they love us unconditionally. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. May God bless Chubby and may you always cherish the memories of the wonderful companion you had for so many years. EricReplyCancel

  • Alan - Our dog Sophie is now a16/17 years old . What are we going to do when she has gone. In tears after seeing your photos.ReplyCancel

  • May-Britt - This is a wonderful tribute to a special friend. Love this blog. Just lost my dear friend 3 months ago and it is still so hard to believe that he is gone forever. But they will stay in our hearts as long as we remember the beautiful moments and years we spent with them.ReplyCancel

  • Cordula - I am very sorry for your loss. While I read your memories about Chubby, I remembered my best friends from childhood days, my horse and my dog. I am so thankful to have had them. Chubby will live on in Your heart.ReplyCancel

  • Blakey - Saw your article on mashable and had to look on your blog. What a lovely heartbreaking story. But chubby will always be by your side. My daughter is an only child and we got her a kitten. That kitten is like a dog! She lets my daughter cuddle her all the time and sits by her side as she plays. I look forward to many more years friendship for them, like yours 🙂 I know it’s a little different, being a cat, but seriously she’s a one off! Hope all these comments helps you in your sadness.ReplyCancel

  • Harry Booglestench - Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sorry for your loss. Your love for Chubby really warms my heart. Chubby was blessed to have such a loving human. I hope the coming days bring healing and strength to you. Again thanks for sharing your story.ReplyCancel

  • Sunil - sending love and hugs to you and your family.. May all dogs get someone like you to love them.. May Chubby rests in peace.ReplyCancel

  • Francisco Guzmán - My respects to you. It was a terrible for you, family and friends. My salutes from Chile southamerica.ReplyCancel

  • Edjaldes Jr - The fully real love. I hope and I think there is a “Heaven of Dogs” and i see my two dogs running and playing and Chubs too.
    Thank you for make a great life for Chubby.ReplyCancel

  • Barry Nisman - Anyone who has loved a dog will be able to follow, in a visceral manner, the 16 year journey you and Chubby took together. You gave each other love, friendship, and that component of life we all look for, acceptance. Hearing that she has passed away is a loss for each of us reading about her, and we don’t know your pain, we feel it though.

    I had Lucky, my first pet ever, and for many years I was frightened of dogs because I was bitten as a 4 year old. When I had a family and we moved to the suburbs, we wanted a friend for my son, a single child, to come home to. We got Lucky, I’ve written about her on my wordpress blog. We got Rory too, a little dog to be a companion to Lucky who was a black lab. They died 16 hours apart on July 6, 2012, and I didn’t know how we’d, as a family,get ourselves together……We did. My wife wanted to adopt another dog right away, but I did not, there was no other dog in my view, no one could replace Lucky especially, and Rory as well. So we compromised, we got one dog, a little one, as Rory was closest to my wife, Lucky was a daddy’s girl. I’m almost ready for another big dog, but Duncan is in our life and had shown me that although our hearts are filled with so much love for a particular dog, there is still room to give love, and receive. Duncan is very different from Lucky, but we love him of course, and I still will talk to my friend Lucky, never ever to be out of my heart and thoughts.
    Maria, it took time, there is no prescription and one wouldn’t presume that you will ever replace Chubby. Just as people/vets told you that you would know when it’s time to say goodbye to Chubby, you will also know when it’s time to bring the love of a new friend into your life. It may be for your own child, so that he/she might experience the happiness you did. And, may I repeat, this is not the time to decide that, but when the pain of grief intensifies on a given day or moment, as it does, the thought that time might heel the grief to the point of opening your arms to a new friend. I send this to you with a hug from Plainview, NY.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa S Auch - Beautiful and heartwarming tribute to God’s physical form of love. God spelled backwards=unconditional love or as we call it~ Dog! I am a animal lover who has had to say goodbye to several animal family members. The knowledge of knowing I gave them a long,loving and healthy life helps a little to ease the pain but as I read this I cried(lots) thinking of my last. You see natural departure is different as I learned from the last loss because she was the first canine family member we had to make the “decision” for. I prayed for a whole month that God would do it for us but that was not the case. I now think of her last days and take comfort in knowing she knew love for 15 years and was restored to good health once she crossed Rainbow Bridge and is waiting for me with the rest of my loved ones. Just remember Chubby wanted you to be happy and that when the time is right~she will let you know it is time to open your heart again and let another animal know what a loving life is. My Tarbaby let me know 8 mos. after her leaving it was time to stop crying for her(which I did daily)and we got another puppy(I cried that day too)but it was the last time I cried for Tarbaby and the first day of my new life with Karma. Don’t get me wrong, I still cry occasionally for my Tarbaby and all the rest for that matter but now when I do, I have Karma and my other kids to lick my tears away and remind me life is for the living and memories are our “forever treasures”. God Bless you and when Chubby lets you know the time is right please post pictures! Love, Lab MomReplyCancel

  • Eduardo Medina Beltran - Hello, I’m Eduardo, from Chile, I was reading your post here, It was so sad 🙁 I leave my little pet with my family in the northem of Chile, First days I cry so much, I hope you are fine, hugs from Santiago 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Aaron Leo - I have 4 dogs, 6 cats. Even after losing 2 cats, it is still gonna be one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride. Stay strong! Love from Malaysia.ReplyCancel

  • Kasca - I’m Kasca from Korea.
    Very sorry.
    While I’m reading your story,
    I think my dog died 25 years ago.ReplyCancel

  • jorge lagos - Me encanto lo que hiciste…
    También tengo perros…
    Chubby estará mucho mejor en el cielo…:)
    Saludos desde CHILEReplyCancel

  • Kevin - Thank you. Reading this really makes me miss Frank The Tank, my little pug buddy who I had to let go last year.
    It’s made me happy, and sad. But overall it’s given me a little closure that I didn’t know I needed until now.
    Thank you so much.ReplyCancel

  • Daniel Tan - It was a heartbreaking story. Sorry for your loss. I’m sure Chubby is living happily in Heaven and watching over you and your family. God Bless.ReplyCancel

  • Boris Concha - Gracias por presentarnos a Chubby , lamento la pérdida, por otro lado siento que estará con otros excelentes perritos (como mi ookami por ejemplo) esperándote siempre…

    Saludos y fuerzaReplyCancel

  • Daniella - Wow, this is amazing. I´m from Chile, but, this emotions has no country. I lost my “Cata” a year and a half ago, she was with me 16 years too, and she has the same diseases that Chubby. We live in a second floor, so, whenever she wanted to go to the pipi room, was an Everest, round trip, but she made the effort to keep living. We still miss her, her company, her sighs, her sleepy eyes… This was a tribute to Chubby, to Cata, and to all 4 legs friends in every country. And remember that all the dogs go to heaven, right? 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Linda - What a wonderful (and heartbreaking) tribute to Chubby. Losing a beloved pet is one of the hardest things in life.

    Chubby had a beautifully expressive eyes and face. I especially loved the photo at the very top. I hope your heart is healing. I’m sure Chubby would not have wanted you to be sad for very long 🙂ReplyCancel

  • ait ouaret zaia - je suis tres triste pour toi .j aurais aimer connaitre chubby adorable chienne .pense toujours qu elle a ete un animal heureux alors que d autres subissent de la maltraitance.j ai 2 chats et un chien que j aime plus que tout .soit courageuse sans ton amie fidele elle sera toujours a cote de toi .elle est en toi pour l eternite.gro bisou de france zaia.ReplyCancel

  • Sherry - Hi, I love your dog, Chubby!! I just love dogs and have had
    a dog all of my life. I am 65 years old. I now have a Chihuahua
    name Sparky. He has so much personality and he is unbelievably cute!! He is white with brown around his tail and brown around his eyes and his ears are brown. He is 13 years old now and he is my best friend. All of my dogs have been my best friends!!!

    You are a good person and dogs make you that way!! You know what I mean! You will always have Chubby’s memories!!


  • Wendy - This is such a beautiful tribute, I can’t stop crying…Maria, I am so so sorry for your loss 🙁 You and Chubby are both so precious! I have four dogs who are my heart, my everything…. Reading this and seeing your photos just reaffirms that we need to treasure every moment with those we love because tomorrow is not promised. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to Chubby with us. My doggies and I send you tons of ‘pawsitive’ wishes, our most heartfelt condolences and all our love.

    Rest in Peace beautiful Chubby…”LOVE NEVER ENDS…”
    Woof Woof 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Keri Pink - I have been working in dog rescue my entire life and I have never read something so beautifully descriptive about the relationship between a human and her dog as ‘my favorite part of myself.’ Thank you so much Maria, for loving your Chubby so selflessly and for having the courage to see her through when she needed you most. You are beautiful and her spirit will surely shine from within you forever. For now, my heart is so broken but overflowing with love for you. I’ll be thinking of you.ReplyCancel

  • Kim - My Lily is 10 years old and going through chemo for the second time. She is my first dog and I am NOT looking forward to the day she has to leave me. Bless you and the beautiful Chubby. Pets are family. Period.ReplyCancel

  • Mary - This seriously made me sob. I am so very sorry for your loss, there is no pain like losing a beloved pet. We lost our 15 year old dog Natasha almost 2 years ago, and the pain is still so fresh because she was one of a kind. It sounds like Chubby was also one of a kind, and the best friend/companion that one could have.ReplyCancel

  • Crystal Clark-Bennett - Thank you for sharing your story. Chubby was a beautiful dog, and I’m so glad she got to live her life with such a great family who obviously loved her. May she run free again with full bounces in each step! I lost my beloved 1 month ago. I was blessed 18 years with her and I still miss her everyday. I pray your heart doesn’t suffer like mine has. God bless!ReplyCancel

  • Sue Brey - I haven’t cried this hard since Lady left me…I am so sorry for your loss. I had to put my 15 year old golden retriever to sleep 03/05/14, so I know what you are going through. Lady was my very best friend also. She and I shared things that I have never shared with anyone else. I miss her so much. She was always there for me. And I wish I had done something like this for her, because she truly deserved it. Just remember you will see her again at The Rainbow Bridge…

    Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. They are whole and strong again, just as we remember them. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing – they each miss someone very special to them who had to be left behind.

    They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. Her bright eyes are intent; Her eager body quivers; Suddenly she runs from the group, flying over green grass, her legs carrying her faster and faster…

    You have been spotted. When you finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be apart again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands caress her beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your dog, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross The Rainbow Bridge together…


  • roger - your love for this dog shows she had a wonderful life. I have a 14 year old dog who is still pretty healthy. I hope you will honor your wonderful dog by rescuing another dog and giving it a wonderful life .ReplyCancel

  • Amy - Beautifully written, and my heart goes out to you. Here’s to Chubby and to all of our best friends who have left us but are never forgotten!! ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Susan Normandin - My husband saw this and sent it to me…. reminded him of my Oscar, our boy but mine :)….. We lost him in April at age 14 1/2, he had the doggy Alzheimer’s,too. I miss him so much still every day!! Thank you for sharing your story!! Hugs, Susan, Scott, and Lady LuckReplyCancel

  • Victoria - Maria, I am crying as I write this, and I feel your pain tremendously! I have a 7 year old cocker spaniel/golden retriever! The most amazing pup in the world! I have 2 wonderful sons, an amazing husband, but the way my pup Abby understands me, no one of my males can! I truly share in the love you feel for Chubby, as I am deeply invested with my Abby! I know the pain you feel for your precious puppy, is because of all the love you shared together! They truly will never leave our side! May God bless you and protect you always Maria!ReplyCancel

  • rose - I just saw your story in pic’s, i know how you feel. I lost my girl, Chablis last year, sept 23rd. She was a spoiled, sassy, gorgous blonde golden retriever who was always write next to me. My love, even tho i am 50 years old, a mother of 2 kids, and a wife. I have had 5 other goldens befor Chablis, who may have been better dogs, she was my best friend, and she had a personality like no other. I will always miss her, love her forever, and expect to see her waiting for me when my time comes to join her. Keep your pic’s up, they will help you get thru, smile when u need to, remember when you cant, and feel when you dont want too. I keep Chablis all over my house, and my fav pic next to my spot on the sofa, where we would relex at night. I do have Riley, who was Chablis partner in crime, still…She’s great, and we did get a golden puppy on new years day, she looks just like Chablis, when she was a pup- Morgan is her name, but…she is so mischievious!! She is no way anything like my Chablis, haha, maybe chablis sent her to take my mind off of the pain of missing her… I never thought of that, that would be the kind of sassy shit Chablis would of pulled- Send a puppy so bad, to keep me busy, so i dont hurt…..but cause some shit for a laugh for her, up in heaven, under that tree by the lake, where she’s waiting for me. So, it takes time, but, you will always keep her in your heart, which i am sure thats where you want her to be. Good luck, i wish i could send u a pic of my Chablis, you would appriciate it. I am a photographer, at heart in my spare time.ReplyCancel

  • Andreane - Thank you so much for putting words on what i felt when we had to put down my 14 years old friend “copain”. He was very sick and we had no choice to preserve is dignity. He know lies under a wonderful tree on my land,where he use to sit down and watch car’s moving around. you are never prepare for that kind of loss. Its been a 1.5 years already, and i still miss him so bad.

    I totally understand what you are going threw, and i am so sorry for your loss. One day, i hope, the pain/sadness will go away and we will only remember these good memories of them. 🙂


  • Patricia Chang - I know what it’s like losing your best friend. I have been there for my babies when the vet released them from their suffering. When they will not take food any longer from my hands, I know it is time to let them go. It is never easy and I had never seen my husband cry like he did when we had to put them down. They go with such grace and dignity and teach us so much even in their leaving. I’m grateful to have had such incredible and unconditional love. It doesn’t stop you from grieving over the loss of your baby, but I, too, hope that you will honor your beautiful Chubby by rescuing another dog and allow another beautiful love into your life! Blessings to you and be assured that we will meet them all at the Rainbow Bridge.ReplyCancel

  • Arleen - i’m bawling my head off as I’m reading this & thinking of my Missy & when she stopped eating, she was a little Chihuahua & I loved her so much, I didn’t think I would ever love another dog that much. The next 27 days were awful, I cried every single day missing her. It was hard to adjust without her. The only thing I didn’t miss stepping in poop. One day I thought I’ll still don’t think any day and that’s when I knew I needed another dog. I wanted another Chihuahua one that would look just like her but as many as there are now, that December I couldnt find a single one. On the 27th day, on a whim, I call the person that put an ad in the paper selling a six week old female dapple Doxie, later that night me, my 3 kids & my mom went to check it out. The 8 month pregnant woman, her husband & her 4 small kids lived in a 1 bedroom apartment, she said a friend had dropped off the dog for them to watch & later said she didn’t want her& for them to keep her, but with four little kids and one on the way in a tiny place that was out of the question, she then brought this little cage, opened it & out popped a little sausage with legs wagging her whole body all over the place & I was a goner, so were my kids. On this coming Dec. 27 that will have been 8 years ago. I didn’t think I could love another dog more than Missy but Tippy proved me wrong. She’s my baby, my sidekick, my best friend, my companion, & thank God I still have a few years left with her, for when the time comes to say goodbye, I’m going to be a mess. This little wiener dog has gotten me through the toughest times of my life. She stayed right by my side through several months of the most painful kidney stones you can imagine, she stayed right by my side through the weeks following my son leaving for boot camp licking my tears off my cheeks, and what I’m most grateful for is her never leaving my side in the weeks after my mom passed away! I suspect she’ll be right by my side when the tears are pouring down after my kids leave for college or start moving out theyre now 21, 15 & 13. That’s 5 years from now & she’ll be about 13. I just hope she could see me through the empty nest days because I don’t think I could handle that without her! I’ve had other dogs, I’ve loved them all. I have 2 others right now one that’s close to that time & I’m going to miss him, he’s been with us for 12 yrs., but he’s an outside dog & the home protector. The other one is 5, & while I love her, she’s funny & a scaredycat, she’s more my son & my husband’s dog. For me none will be like missing Tippy! I feel for you and I’m so sorry for your loss but when you find a match for you again in a dog, know that it’ll be heavensent specially for you. A gift from Chubby so you won’t be sad anymore and she can move on without having to worry about you until the time comes for you 2 to meet again!ReplyCancel

  • Halima Frost - Oh My Goodness,
    I took almost an hour to read this, I started crying like a baby after each picture and caption. Reminds me of my baby boy who we took to the vet in April (our child)… He weighed a huge 132 pounds and insisted he was a lap dog. Closer to the time he would sit with me on the couch and nuzzle me looking for a rub to ease the pain in his legs. He knew everything about me and me about him.
    May you find peace in knowing that you gave a dog the most awesome life ever when you pick her up form the pound… XXX Hugs kisses and tears . Halima ~ South AfricaReplyCancel

  • Jen - Rest in peace Chubby. Beautiful tribute to your well-loved pet and best friend. A wonderful friendship, and I have no doubt you’ll meet again some day.

    I had gotten a kitten when I was about 8 years old. He was the sweetest, friendliest cat I’ve ever known, and slept in my room every night. We had to put him down when I was about 24 years old, and I was heartbroken. Then a week or so later, I had a dream that he was sitting on my great-grandmothers lap (she’d passed away a few years earlier). They were out on a porch, sitting in the sun, and he was purring contently as she scratched his ears. I woke up in so much peace after that. I hope you receive some kind of sign of Chubby soon too. Sending love.ReplyCancel

  • Kate - I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I had a dog for fifteen and a half years where she was my constant companion, friend, and family. I loved her and will mourn her all my life. They say that dogs are pure emotion and I believe that. For surely, she taught me pure joy, pure happiness, and the purity of love that is unconditionally given. My heart goes out to you. May you find peace in your memories. And Godspeed to Chubby. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  • Pily Moreno - Simply beautiful… all animals are amazing and specially dogs,they give unconditional love for his human family.

    Congratulations, you’re lucky girl.ReplyCancel

  • Ynova Milagros Niño Alfaro - Hi Maria..te deseo lo mejor y te doy Gracias por amar a los animales en general supongo, y darle espacio en tu vida a un ser tan maravilloso como Chubby…yo también pase por eso alguna vez. con mi perita llamada Duquesa la tuve desde los 07 años y estuvo conmigo 17 años de su pequelña vida pero nos enseñó mucho a mi a mis hermanos..hasta ahosa tenemos sus fotos, era lo mejor para nosotros asi como Chubby para ti…fuerza y sabes que siempre estará en vuestro corazón…y se que Chubby esta en el cielo perruno con Dios..cuidate mucho Marí..ReplyCancel

  • Robin B. - Thank you for sharing this. I’m so very sorry for your loss but I’m so very thankful you were blessed to share such a wonderful love. Chubby was a beautiful dog and just know she loved you more than you know. I own a 8 year old Shih Tzu named Deuce. He is our first family dog and the best thing that could have happened to us! My siblings and I are all over 25 and these last 8 years with Deuce have been the best. I never imagined you could love a dog this strong. I will save this page/blog for as long as it’s up to remind me of you and Chubby and lean on when needed. Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Chalotte - There is no love like the love of a great dog…the loyalty, blind faith, and trust they place in us binds us to them for eternity. I too took pictures of my beloved Bailey on our last trip to journey over the rainbow bridge..I cherish them because they remind me of that pureness that bound us together. RIP Chubby. May you and Bailey lie in eternal sunshine, run in neverending fields of green and enjoy an afterlife without pain.ReplyCancel

  • Shell - Loosing fur-babies of my own that have been more family than fur, my heart aches for you during such a hard time. Enjoy the 16 years of memories, you’ll know when the time is right to build new memories with a new fur-baby. You’re obviously an excellent companion. My best to you.ReplyCancel

  • Ivan Ayala - Es una hermosa demostración de profundo amor a su querida mascota, felicitaciones!ReplyCancel

  • Erick - Wouuu .. es increible … felicidades .. es un lindo gesto … muchas bendiciones…ReplyCancel


  • Mary Jane moss - I am so sorry. What a beautiful story. Prayers for youReplyCancel

  • Chantal - Unconditional LOVE ! Besides our parents, dogs do give this kind of love.

    As time flew by, Chubby became a reflexion of who You are: sweet, loving, caring, loyal, friendly, energetic at a time and peaceful at another. She protected you as you protected her. She gave you wonderful years as you gave back.

    The most selfishness thing you did for her is to ‘let her go’. We never want to see our best friend, in this case Chubby, leave and you came to terms with the decision.

    I admire you… I really do.

    From my heart to yours, wishing you the chance to love again another little Chubby one day.

    Montreal, Québec, CanadaReplyCancel

  • Judy Moody - Such beautiful photos my condolences on the loss of Chubby.ReplyCancel

  • Nerea - I´m crying because I feel your pain, but you have to pass it, time will help you. Think that you have given a great life to Chubby, the best she could have. She will always love you wherever she is.
    Lots of hugs Maria!!!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - So well done by a true dog lover! RIP Chubby until you see your mom againReplyCancel

  • Gustavo Trindade - Greetings from Brazil.

    I´ve almost cried looking at those photos.. i remember my old dog, that been part of my life during 14 years…

    That’s so beautiful the love that animals have for us, that i think that they should live forever.

    I have to thank you, for the nicest thing you´ve done for your partner.ReplyCancel

  • Nuria - A beautiful look of love… Well done Maria, I really know how those animals can feed our heart (because people who loves animals have a huge one) and I hope your sadness will soon be replaced by a smile on your face by remembering how important and beautiful she is.ReplyCancel

  • Michèle - Cried a RIVER…..remembering all my long gone “furry children”
    Thank you for sharing !ReplyCancel

  • margaret - Sorry about your lovely Chubby Bunny…I’m so sad to read about her, and can’t wait to get home from work to give my little puggies hugs and kisses and hold them for a while and feed them treats..

    Thank you for sharing your story of beautiful ChubbyReplyCancel

  • David Jovel M - Thanks so much for show the beautifuls moments and life at side of Chubby puppy, she was lovely and now at other side from the Rainbow bridge she is waiting you for to live again the new life of one thousand years, where no will exists pain and suffer again.

    I love a dog named BEAR was a part of my family too, and after 32 year yet remember he the BEAR never leave me alone NEVER.

    If God send a real love for the humans is inside the souls of the dogs for we, they are loyals, lovers , cute, and fidels ever.ReplyCancel

  • Deb - You are incredibly lucky to be able to say this was your dog, your best friend and your life. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve read. Thank you so much for sharing your phenomenal Chubby with all of us. Love love love love your story.ReplyCancel

  • Lina Altamirano - I admire the great love you had eachother. It´s so great! I understand yr pain and sorrow. GOD will surely let pets reunite with the Amos there in heaven. God bless you!ReplyCancel

  • Jael - hello friend, I know it’s hard to say goodbye to a great companion to WAS 16 at your side , and it is not easy to forget because it was part of your life , a very strong and big for you embrace and that wherever esteva always be there to take care of Mary , thank your server Jael Medina, greetings from Gadalajara Jalisco Mexico .ReplyCancel

  • Rodrigo Wolff - Sorry about my terrible English, I’m still learning speak and write English. I found your post in a Brazilian Blog and I’m really touched by your history. Chubby was beautiful and the friendship and love between you two looks something really strong and big.
    I lost my old buddy Thor yesterday, I’m here in USA to learn English and Thor in Brazil with my Mom and Brother. He died of old age. My heart hurts so much, he was my best friend and my big love.

    Sorry for your lost, I really know what you is felling.

    Big hug,


  • David - So, so sorry for your loss. I lost both my friends within 5 weeks of each other (2 elderly Labs) and your work brought back all of it. The great times, the unbelievable and unconditional friendship my dogs freely gave me and the deep grief that I’ve been feeling for months since those two incredibly difficult days. Great art isn’t a technique or a cool look. Your work is beautiful not only because of its quality but because it connects on a profoundly emotional level. Your photos do that–thank you for being so unselfish and sharing your feelings.ReplyCancel

  • megan - I wish I had a chance to do a photo session with my sweet oreo. I lost him a few years ago on my birthday. He was my whole world. We got him as a tiny runt but he thought he was a BIG dog. He was my best friend. He was my little girls hero. I watch them grow together. Losing an animal is so hard. He is tattoo on me as a reminder that my best friend is always with me. Thank you for sharing ur storyReplyCancel

  • Susy - I cried, I feel something similar for my two dogs, one of them came from the street asking me to adopt her, and I love her so much that I understand you, your photos so beautiful, thank you for sharing them,

  • MyDogLikes - Beautiful <3 What a blessing to have had 16 years with Chubby!ReplyCancel

  • Frank - My heart aches for you with your loss of such a wonderful dog!!!! I was crying as I saw your pictures on this page and read your captions. My wife and I have such a wonderful little dog-I just hope I can hold up with the dignity and courage you have shown in updating your blog in your time of extreme loss and emptiness!!!! God Bless You-take some small comfort that you helped me appreciate what I have all the more-for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Mari - So sorry for your loss
    It was impossible to read this most beautiful story about companionship and true love dry eyed. Three years ago today (Oct. 22/11) we lost our 11 year old Cocker Spaniel Benji and I miss him every single day.
    I couldn’t imagine having another dog in the house without feeling that I was betraying him and I swore I wanted no more.

    We now have Luna a boxer/lab mix that we adopted from the SPCA ( going on 3 years old)
    A litter of eight was abandoned and at eight weeks we brought her home. She has helped us cope with the loss, but Benji’s place in my heart will never be replaced. There’s plenty of place in my heart for them both. So much for not wanting anymore dogs! Absolutely no regrets. I’m glad I let myself love another one
    God bless our furry friends who love us unconditionally and carry us through thick and thin
    I choose to think that our pets one day will welcome us into their heaven world where they can eat chocolate and all the good stuff they couldn’t eat in this world
    Be strong sweetheart

  • Kathy - Hi Maria,
    Sitting at the computer viewing your pictures/life with Chubby, tears are flowing. Aspen was my yellow lab that lived 14 years. I adopted Aspen from the SPCA when he was about 3 months old. He was my BIG baby. I truly loved him as he loved me. Aspen is still a part of my thoughts and life, 4 years after he went to the Rainbow Bridge. I know one day we will meet again. For now, he and Chubby are having so much fun together. Thank you for sharing your beautiful album and commentaries. BTW, I now have a little dog named Abby that I adopted from the SPCA 3 years ago. She is a Schnoodle, of all things, and is so sweet and faithful. As we know, life goes on and Chubby will always be part of your life, as Aspen is of mine. God Bless you and keep you in His care.ReplyCancel

  • Alaina - Maria,
    I’m sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing your story. It’s been nearly 3 years since we made the decision to let our boy be pain free too and it is still very hard. Everyday I miss scratching his little kitty head and hearing the sound of his purr. I know you made the best decision for Chubby, just as we made for Rudy. I have nearly 14 years of memories to call upon and for that I am grateful. I can’t promise you that it hurts less over time, but I can tell you the loss gets easier to bear. The time you had and memories you have of Chubby are a blessing and will comfort you on the darkest days. Stay strong and God bless.ReplyCancel

  • Eduardo - Very touching post Maria. I know the feeling and right now I have two chihuahuas as well. One is 3 and the other is 4. I love them but one day I’ll have to say goodbye to them as my previous Golden Retriever ‘Lucky’…ReplyCancel

  • Kitty - I’m 41, but reading this I was 17 again and howling into my pillow on the afternoon that we had to have our labrador, Sal put to sleep. She was bought for me when I was 2 and we ‘grew up’ together. I hate it when people say ‘she was just a dog’ not to me. She was the one being that was unconditionally there for me during all of my childhood troubles. Hugs to you. I only hope there are dogs in heaven! xReplyCancel

  • Sofy - I truly believe that she gave you the best of her all the time because she gave you all love that felt in her heart, love that came from you and your shared moments. She was the best friend, not because of her time spending with you, just because she could make life wonderful.
    Its hard to lose someone you loved so much, but in the future you will be glad to once had someone who loved you with all her heart and someone to love with all your soul.
    I wish you the best in your life and hope that God will be always at your side.
    Blessings from Nicaragua.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Pitts - I adopted Scotty Burns, last Oct. From a shelter in Miss. He is a Shep\collie mix,not quite 2 yet. I already have 3 dogs & a cat but l didn’t want Scotty pts!!! If you are looking for a great dog, he is up for adoption. He just had all his shots this week & l had him fixed last year. He is house broke, cat trained & a very very sweet dog!!!!! I love him very much but he is too much for my 15 year old beagle, Fred…..I am very sorry for the loss of your dog, dogs are family♥♥♥♥♥♥ReplyCancel

  • Gisell T - Hola Maria, que hermosa historia. vivi algo similar con mi perrita “Osita”… moviste profundamete mi corazon con esas fotos porque revivi toda la hermosa historia que tuve con Osita, quien aunque ya murio hace cuatro años, aun extraño por que fue mi bebe durante 10 años..Cuando la recuerdo aun lloro, la amor todavia aunque no este conmigo. Los espacios que ellos dejan no se pueden llenar, pero hay muchos perritos en el mundo que necesitan amor. Un abrazo grande para ti.. hermoso blogReplyCancel

  • Kathy M - My sympathy to you. I lost my best friend Samantha in February of this year and cried as much over her as any human I’ve ever lost. In fact your post brought the pain right back. I cherish every moment that she spent with me and my family and will always miss the happy smile that greeted me at the end of every long day.ReplyCancel

  • Geoff Godfrey - What a beautiful story in words and pictures. It strikes at my heart so profoundly as we are approaching that painful goodbye with two of our three dogs. We’ve cried, talked about it and delayed it. When is the right time? They say you’ll know.
    All I know for now is that it is close and no matter how you try to block it, in those quiet moments alone, it comes back to you like a ton of bricks: you are going to have to make that decision. I feel like I’m playing God – and I don’t like that feeling. I keep bargaining with myself, “maybe they will pass quietly in their sleep,” taking me off the hook. Each day the signs grow stronger and those loving brown eyes grow sadder. It is the most painful part of having these wonderful creatures, letting go for their own peace. Thank for sharing your beautiful story of love and bond. I have cried like a baby reading your story and writing this little message. But I have to say thank you, for this has helped me begin to prepare to let go. I am most grateful for you, Chubby and your story.

    Many thanks.
    Wishing you peace and healing
    Geoff GodfreyReplyCancel

  • Walt Thompson - A touching story. I’ve had dogs in my family all my life but it was in 1998 when I first started to really live on my own, without my parents anywhere near for support, that gained my friend Heidelberg. A stray Australian cattle dog puppy.

    Long story short, after 14 years, she was in no condition to or had any motivation to continue on. The day before my 43rd birthday she left me. Today is two years and four days since I last called her by my pet name “Girly-girl”.

    Four years before her passing, I painted a selfie of her and myself. It was the first time I was ever able to get her to sit still for a camera. It’s one of my most cherished pieces of art I’ve ever done.

    I keep her collar and tags with me wherever I go and yes, I still grieve but I also smile and think that, in her mind as well as mine, she lived the best life that she could’ve lived had I not rescued her from the streets. That keeps me smiling.

    Since then, I’ve taken in another four-legged friend (actually two years before losing Heidelberg) Sydney. My hopes are to provide her a long enjoyable life as Heidelberg’s. She’s a totally different personality but just as loving and playful a companion as anyone would want… I’ve never had a dog that loved to lick peoples toes as much as she does. lolReplyCancel

  • Malini - This is absolutely beautiful. This must have been even more heart-wrenching to write than it was to read. I am sitting here with my 10-and-a-half year old little poodle Bailey, whom I have also grown up with and is the love of my life. I feel your pain, and I am so, SO sorry she got sick and you had to make such a difficult decision. I truly believe that Chubby is in heaven now, watching over you, and that one day you will be reunited with your sweet baby again. She will always be your baby and your best friend, and no matter how hard being separated from her is, remember it is temporary. Chubby is such a cutie, and all these pictures really show her adorable personality and what a special relationship you had (and still have) with her. One of the last photos, the one where she is licking you, just melts my heart. Thank you for this!!! It’s such an inspiring tribute to her life, and I feel like I know and love Chubby already.ReplyCancel

  • Edwin - Hola, en Perú, ha salido la noticia de la bella historia de Chubby. La verdad, son ángeles con patitas que nos cuidan y complementan la vida, los únicos que están ahí, siempre ahí, sin importar las circunstancias. Te mando un fuerte abrazo desde este lado del mundo y estoy seguro que Dios ha ganado una angelita más.
    Gracias por compartir tu historia en verso y en imágenes.
    Abrazos desde Lima-Perú.ReplyCancel

  • ruth - Dear Maria. I just have read your story in internet (a newspaper of my country). I understand perfectly because I have a dog that has been the companion of my life for almost 16 years as Chubby. She has cancer and we are trying to give her the best possible life for the last time to live with us. It’s indescribable the feeling of seeing your dog sick or dying, we want our dogs live forever with us, but I am happy that the love existing between people and their dogs transcends barriers, and that we are many people worldwide who love our animals as our best friends. Hugs and courage, I am sure that there is a doggy heaven for them! and we will see them again someday.ReplyCancel

  • Roberto - Hola María:
    Es imposible no conmoverse con ésta linda historia de una verdadera Amista, historias como las tuyas hacen que valoremos y cuidemos mucho más a nuestras mascotas, que más que eso es un miembro de nuestra Familia.
    Tengo junto a mi un Braco Weimarane precioso de 03 años, grandote y tierno, también le he creado un albun que si deseas puedo compartir contigo.
    Felicitaciones por la nota, estoy seguro que Chubby desde donde este seguirá dándote fuerza y compañia…


  • jorge - que gran historia de amor, me conmoviste, saludos ….desde lima peru.
    p.d: me hiciste acordar de mi fiel amigo que tambien fallecio 🙁ReplyCancel

  • Claire - Maria,

    Je t’écris depuis la France, d’où je ne peux retenir mes larmes. C’est un très bel hommage à ta Chubby, et les photos sont magnifiques. Elle continue de veiller sur toi et te regarde depuis là-haut.
    Je te souhaite plein de courage pour surmonter cette douleur

  • David Serrudo - Thanks a lot for sharing with us your life with Chubby. We will learn plenty from you both. Thanks again.

    David SerrudoReplyCancel

  • 아! 영어 모른다! - 힘내시요!

    im not good at english but i want to say that your story was so touchful.ReplyCancel

  • park jun hyun - i”m korean kor name chubby=쳐비 chubby beautiful life she was meet good friend..ReplyCancel

  • rachel - got your wonderful story by chance thru a korean web community 🙂 it means that you and chubby have touched all over the world and spreads widly! well having a dog that is 3 years old and one of family & my best friend ever, i can feel you like how much you two loved each other and got a lot of things in common <3 me never looking forward to my dog going back to heaven that he came from boohooo

    Bless you and your friend.ReplyCancel

  • Margarita - What a wonderful tribute! I’m crying my eyes out because I’ve been there and will keep been there living with so many nonhuman companions. They are family members and the gap they leave when they go is devastating. Just thinking how you must feel now breaks my heart. But you have wonderful memories and you have your love. And love never dies, for you or for her. Love trumps death, remember. And Chubby is always around you, even if it hurts not seeing her. Thank you for sharing your story.ReplyCancel

  • Renee - I cried my eyes out. What a beautiful friendship. We lost our dog the day after Christmas this past year and I still miss him every single day. They are always a part of us. Thanks for sharing your story and your memories of ChubbyReplyCancel

  • Barbara - I lost my best friend two months ago. It’s so hard! Thank you, Maria, for loving Chubby so completely, and for giving an obviously very, very special pound dog a life she could never have even dreamt of. I’m sorry for your loss. I believe that we’ll see our canine best friends again. I hope you take comfort in those wonderful memories until then.ReplyCancel

  • Traci - Thank you for sharing your story….. I just lost my beautiful baby girl Monday morning (Nov 3rd). She was only 11-years-old and her death was unexpected and sudden. My heart is broken and I feel so lost without that little bundle of joy under my feet. Losing a beloved pet feels so lonely. We don’t have funerals and there are no condolences cards but the lose has cut me deeply. Reading your story has eased some of that loneliness so thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Jill - my husband & I just lost our dog she was 12 years , she was a lab chow mix, looked like your dog but tan& white, missing eye she had poo & pee problems then her back legs curled, then had to make the painful choice. but once your heart heals it will take time get yourself a new little friend. what ever friend you chose when you give those kisses to your new dog 20 will be given to chubby. prayers lots of love to you ..ReplyCancel

  • Pollyana Ester - Maria, sorry for Chubby. I understand the pain you felt, because I also lost my dog friend of many years earlier months. I know how painful it is to get home every day and not have her over to greet me. But I am conscious that we did all we could. Thanks for sharing a little Chubby us. Hugs from Brazil.ReplyCancel

  • Martie Metevelis - Just want to tell you I think your blog about Chubby was wonderful. He certainly was a dear and precious dog. Your story was especially heart warming to me as I had to put my dog Fritz to sleep this week. He was a special joy and comfort to me since my husband died from cancer 10 years ago. I know full well how much Chubby meant to you and I wish you solace with all the memories you have of your friend. Thank you for reaching out to all of us who experienced loving and losing our dear pets.ReplyCancel

  • Karen - Just lost our sweet Tia 2 weeks ago. We are devastated. She was the perfect dog. So wonderful to read your story. You gave Chubby a beautiful tribute.ReplyCancel

  • Leticia - Devo admitir que chorei… sou louca por cachorros, e tenho uma de 4 meses que se chama Linda *-* ela é o amor da minha vida, não tenho filhos então ela se tornou minha filha, cuido dela com tanto amor e ela retribui de uma forma tão simples. Me vi nas suas fotos com sua cachorra pequena, a Linda ama beijos e me devolve todos eles com varias lambidas haha e eu amo isso, por que ela me dar o amor que muitos outros não me dão… Sua cachorra te amava muito, assim como você amava ela, e isso ninguém pode tirar de você, esse amor que é tão sincero, vai ficar no seu coração pra sempre…
    Porque eu imagino que se eu perder a Linda, não vou aguentar ser tão forte como você… Que Deus te ilumine.. sempre ! Beijos.ReplyCancel

  • Roberto - Hi Maria, i’m still crying for you and Chubby… You are a fantastic person and Chubby a special friend….ReplyCancel

  • Robert - Yes, tears are running down my face, too. My dog is dealing with a stroke (from May 2014) so some similarities, but not the extremes, so I know how lucky we (my dog and I) both are. A great story with terrific documentation… like I was there. How lucky you are to have had such a wonderful “partner.” Thank you for sharing this; I know how difficult it must have been.ReplyCancel

  • Robert Stone - This is much more meaningful than a wedding portfolio… this is a whole life–not just a day in the life! Very, very moving, and beautifully and artistically portrayed. (I’m still wiping tears away… and I’m 63 years old!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Cami - I’m crying because this remember me my little dog: Kiara, Dogs are really wonderful, they bring the most pure love in the world, when they die, they are guardian angels! Hugs from Argentina!ReplyCancel

  • Marina - Hi Maria! Your text touched me so much! I am also completely in love with dogs and such stories always fill my eyes. I have been through this loss of experience and know how hard it is. But I hope you can turn any sadness in force, carried by so many good memories! Remember that you are very blessed to have had a friend so special you watching all these years!
    I hope you got well soon!
    All my love and positive thinking for you straight from Brazil.

  • Pat K - You’ve given us all a gift with your ode to Chubby. Such a beautiful dog! Reminds us all of the lovely creatures who have shared our lives and eased our pain in troubled times. A poem by Robinson Jeffers called A House Dog’s Grave has meant a lot to me over the years. It was written in the voice of the dog as he seeks to comfort his human friends and it can be found in many places on line. But the part that speaks most to me are the last lines which read:

    Deep love endures to the end and long past the end…
    If this is my end, I am not lonely.
    I am not afraid.
    I am still yours.ReplyCancel

  • marie - You will see her again..She will run to you! What a beautiful bond.ReplyCancel

  • Fanny Moreno - I just finished reading your story and althought I did enjoy so much all the wonderfull pictures I felt sad at the same time.Congratulations for such magnificent love for Chubby, for the great photographs and the great article you wrote. Thanks also to your mom as I identify with her. My daughter just lost her best friend two months ago. Payson, a golden Retreiver who was her best friend and company during 10 years. He got a malignus tumor on his head, He got surgery but there was nothing the doctors could do. It was found in July and he was gone in October, but he did not suffer thanks to the medicines for the pain. My daughter was devasted, but the bad thing is that I couldn´t be with her as she lives at the States and I live in South America. I met Payson when he was a puppy and I felt in love with him immediately. Fortunately I did travel several times to see my daughter and could show my love to Payson, especially when my grandson was born when I stayed 7 months over there, therefore I conquered Payson´s heart too.
    I just did a photobook about Payson,and did send it through air mail to my daughter, hoping she´ll receive it for her birthday on Dec. 30th. I wanted this photobook to be bigger, but not only its cost was too high, but also the lack of time and enough pictures. I could´t ask for Payson´s photos to my daughter as this is going to be a surprise for her. I know she´ll cry a lot as I put some of Payson´s last pictures, when he was too sick, and now I regret to have done that, but I thought the book must have those pictures too. My youngest daughter told me it should not. Let´s see what my daughter will say about. She wrote the most beautiful letter to Payson the same day he was gone that makes me cry a lot. I think it should be published, but I know she won´t agree with this. We maintain good correspondence throughout email,and by phone,and I´ve trying to comfort her telling that try to think only about the millions of beautiful memories she got from Payson in those 10 years.ReplyCancel

  • Claudia Hall - Dear Maria, Thank YOU, for posting Your Loving pictures of You & Your best friend. Thank You, for sharing them, so I was able to be part of Your Love adventure. How heartwarming to know, she is waiting to be cuddled. I know, from our beloved fur family members, who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they have Chubby to play with, also. One day, we will all be reunited. Praise the Lord.
    Light, Respect, & Peace,claudiaReplyCancel

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